Talk to the future: AI avatars redefine chat interaction

Meet lifelike avatars, customise personalities, and explore the ethical approach to AI.

Talk to the future: AI avatars redefine chat interaction

Friday December 01, 2023,

3 min Read, a Texas-based startup, has emerged from stealth mode to introduce its innovative AI avatars designed to revolutionise human-AI interaction and communication. This groundbreaking technology enables lifelike and fully interactive digital avatars to engage in conversations with users, setting a new standard in the field of AI interaction.

The visionaries behind

The brainchild of Todd Coleman and Josef Hall, serial entrepreneurs with a successful track record in the gaming industry, aims to bridge the gap between AI and human interaction. Their previous ventures, including the creation of the popular MMORPG franchise Wizard101, garnered immense success and continue to be enjoyed by millions worldwide.

A journey from MMOs to AI

Todd Coleman's transition from the world of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) to AI was sparked by a podcast that piqued his interest. Despite initial difficulties in comprehending AI, he and his team underwent AI training programs at the University of Texas at Austin and Carnegie Mellon University. This knowledge laid the foundation for the birth of, which coincided with the generative AI boom.

What sets apart's innovative offerings introduces articulate, animated avatars with customisable appearances, voices, environments, animations, personalities, and knowledge. These avatars have the ability to engage in conversations, remember past interactions, and even simulate their own lives between chat sessions. To enable this level of interactivity, has developed a custom scripting language known as MIL code (Model Injection Language), allowing creators to script complex behaviours and interactions.

Natural interactions

The key differentiator for is its commitment to providing a natural and seamless interaction with AI characters. Users can engage in real-time conversations with these avatars, eliminating the need for typing. This innovation holds immense potential in various sectors, including enterprise, education, and entertainment.

Empowering creators

Portalis.AI's platform empowers creators to design AI avatars by selecting their appearance, voice, background story, personality, and scripting "activities." These AI characters can be kept private, shared with others, or added to a public catalogue. Enterprises can utilise AI characters for interactive FAQs, customer support, or brand ambassadors through a simple "click-to-call" widget on their websites.

The ethical approach

While aims to harness the potential of AI, it also emphasises finding a balance that does not replace artists altogether. The company envisions a future where AI avatars are used for education and enhancing human experiences without overwhelming computing resources.

Seed funding and notable investors

In recent developments, closed a successful seed funding round with investments from industry luminaries, including Mike Wilson and Robert Steffens. Dan Graham, a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, has joined the company as its COO.

The road ahead's journey is just beginning, with plans to expand its presence in enterprise customer service, education, and various other sectors. As they continue to innovate, their vision remains focused on using AI to amplify human creativity, not replace it.

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