Uber urges Delhi govt to reconsider ban as all cars in Delhi-NCR run on clean fuel

Amid severe air pollution, the Delhi government banned entry of app-based cabs registered in other states to Delhi-NCR.

Uber urges Delhi govt to reconsider ban as all cars in Delhi-NCR run on clean fuel

Thursday November 09, 2023,

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All 70,000 cars on Uber's platform run on either CNG or electric, and are therefore less polluting than private vehicles in the Delhi-NCR region, the cab aggregator platform wrote in a letter to the Delhi government urging it to reconsider the ban imposed on app-based taxi services.

To curb rising air pollution levels in the region, Delhi on Wednesday decided to ban app-based taxi services from surrounding states and cities, saying cabs bearing only Delhi registration will be allowed to ply.

The decision was prompted by a nudge from the Supreme Court to the Kejriwal government to contemplate prohibiting app-based taxi services such as Ola and Uber as a measure to alleviate air pollution in the national capital.

"This would be akin to mobility lockdown for citizens of Delhi NCR who would be left in the lurch if they need to access critical infrastructure like the airport, railway stations, and even major hospitals," Uber said in its letter.

The company, referencing a recent study conducted by the Delhi Technological University, said that less than 2% of Delhi's air pollution was because of four-wheelers and that there is a need to focus on other sources of pollution.

Uber and Ola, the two largest players in the space, have been making substantial efforts to electrify their fleets in the country, including Delhi-NCR. The region has also seen the proliferation of EV-first cab companies such as BluSmart and Lithium Urban Technologies.

Delhi's pollution level, measured by air quality index, or AQI, swung back to 'severe plus' on Thursday after some respite on Tuesday.

According to industry sources, the Delhi government is likely to announce its final decision tomorrow morning.