Teen's Bright Idea Powers Rural India

Uday Bhatia, a 12th grader from Delhi, transforms rural lives with his affordable inverter bulbs, winning the Diana Award 2023

Teen's Bright Idea Powers Rural India

Wednesday November 08, 2023,

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A young innovator from Delhi has sparked a revolution. Uday Bhatia, a 12th-grade student, has crafted a beacon of hope for thousands with his venture, Uday Electric. His invention? A sustainable lighting solution that's not only ingenious but also affordable.

Uday's journey began with a visit to Bichpuri, Uttar Pradesh, under the aegis of the Aasra Foundation. There, the dire straits of village students, whose studies were routinely cut short by power outages, caught his attention. The scene sowed the seeds for a remarkable innovation that would eventually light up their lives.

Understanding that the cost was a barrier, Uday dove headfirst into finding a solution. He scavenged through YouTube, experimented on his terrace, and after 24 attempts, he had it — an inverter bulb. This wasn't just any bulb; it was a beacon of resilience, capable of glowing for 8 to 10 hours without power, thanks to a cleverly integrated lithium-ion battery.

Each bulb, priced at a mere Rs 250, comes with the promise of longevity and a one-year warranty. Launched in May 2022, these bulbs didn't just illuminate homes; they lit up dreams. Within months, 7,000 units were brightening lives across Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and beyond.

Starting with a small fund of Rs 30,000, Uday's bulbs became a household name. He involved local farmers and villagers, turning his venture into a community-driven enterprise. Manufacturing now outsourced, the project has become a source of income for many in these areas.

For his innovative approach to addressing a pressing issue, Uday was honored with the prestigious Diana Award in 2023. But beyond the accolades, it's the impact of his work that truly shines. Every bulb sold is a step towards a brighter future for rural households grappling with the darkness.

Uday's story is a testament to the difference one person's resolve can make. It proves that age is no barrier to making a significant social impact and that innovation can indeed light up the world, one bulb at a time. With his inverter-style bulb worth only Rs 250, this 12th class student from New Delhi has not only sold 7,000 units but also made a substantial revenue of Rs 17.5 Lakh, proving that a bright idea can indeed lead to an enlightened society.

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