Supercharged ChatGPT: 5 game-changing GPT bots for startups

Want to propel your startup this year? Get your hands on these startup-specific ChatGPT bots in 2024!

Supercharged ChatGPT: 5 game-changing GPT bots for startups

Wednesday January 17, 2024,

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Did you know there were specific ChatGPT bots for startups? Last year, OpenAI released a new function that allows users to build a GPT customised to their requirements. Since then, there have been several GPT models developed which serve specific needs such as copywriting, sales, marketing, etc.

We have picked out a few relevant GPT bots that can be beneficial for startups in 2024! So, let's have a look look at the top 5 ChatGPT models for startups that you can use to grow your business.

Top 5 GPT bots for startups


Business Blueprint GPT

A startup with a solid idea needs to be coupled with a well-devised plan. However, crafting a detailed business plan is not as simple as it sounds. It needs to comprise a clear mission, company description, market analysis and strategy, financial plans with projections, executive summary and more.

However, preparing it concisely and comprehensively takes time but with GPT's help, it can be done swiftly. Business Blueprint GPT is an AI bot that GPT Hacks developed. It can help businesses modify their ideas and curate effective plans. By using this GPT bot, companies can easily create a framework to achieve goals.

Toon CEO Guy

Made by Michael Bucko, Toon CEO Guy is a GPT mentor. This AI bot primarily shares suggestions and advice on product and marketing strategies. With high competition in the digital space, Toon CEO Guy provides insightful information about different phases of product development.

For completely fresh startups, it is quite crucial to prepare a minimum viable product (MVP). Building a strong MVP will make it easier for new businesses to get the right feedback and make improvements.

Lemonade Twist

If your company is in the Business-to-Business (B2B) space, this next AI bot is for you. When it comes to B2B marketing, the promotions should be tailored to meet executive-level buyer needs. In short, a firm has to stand out from other businesses to make its brand familiar in a particular industry.

Lemonade Twist is a witty and slightly humorous AI guide who shares effective suggestions and frameworks for B2B sales and marketing.

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Startup Pitch Deck GPT

A startup pitch deck is the ultimate presentation that needs to capture the attention of potential investors to raise capital. With so dozens of businesses in the competition, startups need to show their "wow factor" through a pitch deck that will impress angel investors or venture capitalists.

To ensure your message is communicated effectively, you can run your presentation on Startup Pitch Deck GPT. It will thoroughly analyse the slides and content. After that, startups can ask for advice and improve their pitch deck accordingly.

Another important thing to note is that this AI model is trained on successful pitch decks from Facebook, YouTube, and reliable venture capital frameworks.

Pitch Deck Analyzer

This is also another GPT AI model that scrutinises pitch decks that are uploaded. It is a simple and quick way to polish your presentation so that it can attract investors to fund your startup. You can ask Pitch Deck Analyzer to provide specific suggestions in your ChatGPT prompt. An additional benefit of this AI bot is it is optimised by a VC for better outputs.

Note: All of these GPT models require a ChatGPT Plus subscription that is currently priced at $20/month.

The takeaway

In a nutshell, businesses can employ different GPT models that perform specific tasks. This helps companies save time and effort by getting appropriate results. Not to mention, integrating AI into business boosts productivity as operations get completed at faster rates and efficiently.