Job security alert: Top 6 jobs AI is getting ready to replace

In an AI-dominating era, explore jobs that are at the most risk of being replaced by this technology!

Job security alert: Top 6 jobs AI is getting ready to replace

Thursday December 21, 2023,

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In an AI-dominating era, everyone has set eyes on how far this technology can replace what humans do. While this idea may sound like a great science fiction movie plot, in reality, AI poses a threat to only certain domains (as of now).

However, a study by Oxford University revealed that 40% of jobs would be automated by 2033. Moreover, the United States of America has also recorded job cuts due to AI. According to a report released in May this year by Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. in the US, AI has replaced approximately 3,900 jobs.

So far, India has not noticed a significant job cut due to AI but Microsoft's Work Trend Index 2023 stated that around 70% of Indians are worried they will be replaced by artificial intelligence. In this article, we have listed out roles that are in the "danger zone" and are at high risk of getting replaced by AI soon.

Top 6 jobs at risk of AI takeover

Customer service representatives

Gone are the days when customers asked their queries through voice calls. The millennial and Gen-Z generations prefer text customer support over phone calls. A research report by TalkDesk reveals that only 27% of Millennials and 24% of Gen Z preferred voice calls for customer support.

With the rise in text-based or FAQ-based customer support, AI chatbots have won the favour. Today most companies have AI bots to solve customer queries promptly with round-the-clock support.

Also, these AI chatbots can simply provide responses to common questions asked, hence the need for customer service representatives has decreased. We can see this already happening, recently CEO of Dukaan Suumit Shah replaced almost 90% of its customer support staff with AI in July this year.

Bookkeeping and data entry clerks

Bookkeeping is a crucial accounting role that requires recording all financial transactions in an organisation regularly. However, since the task is mostly repetitive, AI can easily automate bookkeeping.

With widely used software such as s Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and FreshBooks, transactional data can be stored safely and analysed. Some experts might argue that even Accountants' roles could be taken over AI but according to the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, AI will only enhance their productivity with tasks like data entry.

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It is very easy to proofread content with tools such as Grammarly, Hemmingway, etc. Also, Microsoft and Google Docs provide their self-check features to remove grammatical errors or incorrect sentence structure. In short, the demand of having an in-house proofreader to only check grammar mistakes is highly unlikely.

However, AI will not completely replace proofreaders as their roles could be focused more on delivering coherent and impactful copies.

Market research analyst

Every entrepreneur and startup knows the importance of market research. It is a key concept that helps to build efficient products and content. This is why businesses hire employees who oversee these areas specifically.

However, with the introduction of AI automation with tools like Typeform, collecting surveys and information is a much simpler process. Even so, AI is not capable of having hands-on knowledge and experience which is why their roles might automated but not completely gone.


Thanks to the Billionaire Elon Musk, the hype of driverless and electric vehicles has significantly increased. However, this means that a few years down the line, truck bus and taxi drivers could be replaced by AI-powered driverless cars. Autonomous cars have great potential but this technology involves certain risks as well.

The bottom line

Artificial intelligence such as generative AI is just the tip of the iceberg but technology is yet to flourish within sectors such as retail, transport, medicine, etc. These jobs are most likely to be taken over by automated AI tools that can increase business efficiency at a lower cost than paying out salaries to employees.