Ex-DRDO Scientist's Auto Momo Machine makes 2.5L momos Daily, earns Rs.25Cr

Learn about the unique blend of technology and tradition in Zomoz's success, led by Shouvik Dhar, transforming the culinary landscape with automated machines producing diverse momo flavors for an ever-growing customer base.

Ex-DRDO Scientist's Auto Momo Machine makes 2.5L momos Daily, earns Rs.25Cr

Thursday January 11, 2024,

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Shouvik Dhar's transformation from a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) scientist to a trailblazing culinary entrepreneur exemplifies the power of innovation and determination. In 2016, he embarked on a groundbreaking venture by founding Zomoz in Hyderabad's Inorbit Mall, turning his passion for high-quality momos into a thriving business empire.

Innovative Culinary Entrepreneurship: The Birth of Zomoz

Zomoz, the brainchild of Shouvik Dhar, rapidly evolved into a culinary sensation, thanks to its unique offering in the Indian fast-food market. Recognising a gap in the market for quality momos, particularly in Hyderabad, Dhar harnessed his engineering expertise to devise a revolutionary automated momo-making machine. This innovation propelled Zomoz's quick expansion across India, meeting the skyrocketing demand for this delightful delicacy.

Automated Momo-Making Machine: A Culinary Game-Changer

Dhar's invention is nothing short of a technological marvel in the food industry. This automated momo machine integrates several processes – vegetable chopping, washing, dough mixing, shaping, steaming, and rapid freezing – ensuring efficiency and consistency in production. This tech-driven approach allows Zomoz to produce an astounding 2.25 lakh momos daily, contributing significantly to its impressive annual revenue of Rs 25 crore.

Zomoz's Diverse Menu: Catering to Every Palate

Zomoz's menu stands out for its variety, offering an array of momos like chicken, vegetable, paneer, and crispy fried versions, with chicken momos being a customer favorite. This diversity caters to a wide customer base, ensuring Zomoz's appeal across different taste preferences.

From Scientist to Culinary Visionary: Shouvik Dhar's Journey

Dhar's shift from a scientific career to culinary entrepreneurship was fueled by his MBA education and a keen interest in exploring niche markets. His Assamese roots, where momos are a beloved snack, played a crucial role in his entrepreneurial journey. Selling his tech venture to fully invest in Zomoz, Dhar demonstrated unwavering commitment to his culinary aspirations.

Zomoz's Expansion: Spreading Culinary Delights Nationwide

Today, Zomoz boasts a strong workforce of 173 employees and over 75 outlets across India. Dhar's future plans include penetrating tier-two cities and international markets like the UAE, further solidifying Zomoz's position as a culinary trailblazer.

Shouvik Dhar's story transcends the typical business success narrative; it's a testament to how technological innovation can revolutionise traditional cuisine. His automated momo-making machine fulfills a unique market need while paying homage to a cultural staple from his childhood. Zomoz's journey is a beacon of innovation, showcasing the boundless potential of culinary creativity and technological integration in the food industry.

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