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DronaMaps help users extract analytics from drone imagery. Their end-to-end platform can be used to collect, process, and visualize drone data.
Basic Information
DronaMaps is a Command and Control Centre solution specialising in large-scale 3D mapping with drones and advanced geospatial analytics with Artificial Intelligence. They structure existing geospatial databases, augment them with 3D drone maps, integrate inputs from on ground surveys/sensors, live drone feeds, location tracking, CCTV footage, and add AI/ML analytics to support informed decision making. This is used for sustainable development and planning in Smart Cities/villages, disaster response, mining, precision agriculture etc.
Legal Name
DronaMaps Pvt Ltd
Gurugram, Haryana, India
Business Model
B2B,  B2G  
Founding Date
No. of Employees
Core Team
Ayushi Mishra
Co-Founder & COO
Utkarsh Singh
Co-Founder & CEO
Tech30 Pitch


Company Incorporation

Oct | Company Incorporation

Company registered after a successful large scale deployment for 3D mapping with drones for temporary urban planning.


Became Profitable

Apr | Became Profitable

DronaMaps is bootstrapped, revenues exceeded internal investments.

Revenue Stream
Target Market
Enterprises with large physical assets which need a command and control center solution powered by drone mapping to track geospatial assets, conduct change tracking, and integrate with resource and project management pipeline.
Client Segment
Administrative Services,  AgriTech,  Government & Military,  Public policy  
Target Companies
Medium Enterprise,  Large Enterprise  
Target Geography
India,  Global