Creativity, technology, business – 40 quotes and tips on creator economy success from Creators Inc. 2022

The digital edge, creativity tips, and business advice – here’s what you need to thrive in the Creator Economy. Hear it straight from the practitioners and leaders!

Creativity, technology, business – 40 quotes and tips on creator economy success from Creators Inc. 2022

Monday February 21, 2022,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our earlier articles. Share these 40 insights from YourStory’s Creators Inc. Summit 2022 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights!

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The digital edge

Television doesn't talk back, digital does. - Chef Ranveer Brar

As attention spans shrink, and interest shifts, that's when different kinds of content formats come up. - Priyanka Gill, The Good Glamm Group

With the phone and the internet, everybody’s a content creator today, and the best part is you never know what's gonna go viral. - Hoezaay

When you enter a smaller screen, a phone, or a computer, you are not a celebrity. The moment you enter this space, you are a creator. - Madan Gowri

Now you're getting not just entertained by a two-hour movie but you're getting entertained by a 15-second story. It's hilarious where we have reached in this universe. - Ashish Chanchlani

Just ensure that you're making a community at any of the platforms that have a major distribution system. - Vaibhav Jain, Hubilo

Distribution should have a long-term vision, otherwise one would be left at the mercy of algorithms. - Tanmay Bhat

Don’t be at a single platform’s mercy. - Malini Agarwal

Creator mindsets

No matter what your looks are, no matter where you come from, irrespective of society norms, it's confidence that takes you to a place. - Ashish Chanchlani

To create music, I need to go through something. Music is just a translation of what is going on inside me. - Ritviz Srivastava

Being money minded is a bad phrase in India, but it's ok to chase financial freedom. - Tanmay Bhat

We should all take a second in our lives and give gratitude to the doors that opened in our lives. - Shruti Haasan

Don't just get inspired by virality, get inspired by content that reflects perfection, commitment, and a zeal to excel. - Chef Ranveer Brar

(Startup) founders are phenomenal. They are hardened by life and those kinds of people are amazing. - Tanmay Bhat


Creativity tips

For every trendy piece of content, try having three original and organic pieces. - Sakshi Sindwani

Gossip is fun, but when you cross the line, it’s malicious. - Malini Agarwal

Sometimes, when you do one thing again and again, it gets monotonous. It happens with everybody. - Manish Pandey

Be sincere and diligent. Find your passion. Once you know what that is, it makes it very easy to actually start producing content that is going to resonate. - Priyanka Gill, The Good Glamm Group

There's no formula to success. If we are talking about the numbers, it is the research, the patience, and the ability to evolve every time you are making content that matters. - Ashish Chanchlani

I don’t hesitate to talk to anyone today, and I’m ready to get insulted 100 times if it means I get to learn something new. - Zakir Khan

Spend some time offline, cultivate a skill and perform. - Mallika Dua

Content virality and perenniality will always have to work together. Your content goes viral, people go to your page and then they see okay, everything else is not so great, it doesn’t work. - Chef Ranveer Brar

No matter what you make, no matter how successful it is, you can't keep on banking on it. Create new things, be honest to yourself and be confident. - Ashish Chanchlani


Business tips

Until you start behaving like a brand, a brand will not take you seriously. - Chef Ranveer Brar

Whether you are a creator, journalist, or chef, there is a route to wealth. You just have to grind on and think about what is it. - Tanmay Bhat

Is this project financially worth it? Is it helping me reach new people, a new audience? Am I able to learn something new? If the project checks even 2.5 of the 3 boxes, I will take the opportunity. - Zakir Khan

There is no industry benchmark scale to follow, it all depends on the brands, the problem they are facing, want to solve, and what is their desired outcome. - Gunjan Arya, Only Much Louder

To start with, only collaborate with brands that you resonate with and learn to say no. - Sakshi Sindwani

Integrating ads inside a video is big money but you need to know the balance as people will identify it as paid content. There are multiple sources of revenue like live chat and memberships for channels, but do it ethically. - Madan Gowri

Having a proper marketing technology practice or analytics tools not just helps you save costs but also understand if you are reaching the right audience. Face value is not enough. - Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, Qoruz

Creators who are not managed are sometimes pushed into signing binding contracts or are made to sign documents over reasons like clearance of invoices and all. We need to be more cautious. - Aayush Tiwari, Monk Entertainment

Celebs influencers will not work in future. We (agencies) need to be more open to ideas and creativity as things will soon start getting saturated. - Shubham Singhal, Dot Media Solutions

Invest in budding creators because you never know who will blow up next. - Sankalp Samant, Idiotic Media


Challenges and resilience

As soon as we accept the fear of failure, we will be open to making more mistakes, and eventually leading to more learning and leading a fulfilling life. - Masoom Minawala

There's always somebody who is going to be offended by anything. - Hoezaay

The more the trolls, the merrier! - Sakshi Sindwani

Depression is a real thing. To get off that phase, relearn how to be happy. - Tanmay Bhat

You have to be dedicated all the time, ready for all the hate and also the fact that there will be competition. - Ashish Chanchlani

Challenges and stress are real, and it is going to come. The essence is in addressing it. So address it, get past it, it is curable. - Manish Pandey


The road ahead

When their businesses were shut [during the pandemic], so many people discovered their hidden talent in comedy or other areas, and they started making content which was picked up by viewers. And that audience connection is still on. - Saloni Gaur

Anyone claiming to be an expert on this or that these days, doesn’t really know. It could be anything, a monkey scratching his butt could end up going viral. - Hoezaay

Reinvention is absolutely necessary when you want a long career. - Tanmay Bhat

India is the world’s largest creator economy with more than 40 percent of young Indians coming online, wanting to choose content creation as a primary profession. - Bimal Kartheek Rebba, Trell

The more you are into your public the more you're into your audience, you evolve with them along the way. - Ashish Chanchlani

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