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From Ola to StanPlus - how startups are helping COVID-19 patients

Challenges around COVID-19 testing in India


Anu Acharya of Mapmygenome and Rajat Garg of My Upchar discuss the bottlenecks around the coronavirus testing process in India.

End-to-end transport for patients to hospitals


StanPlus focusses on supporting the patient in emergency and non-emergency situations by helping them reach the hospital on time.

The story of the man who built Paytm wallet

Techie Tuesday - Hitesh Gupta

Hitesh Gupta

Hitesh Gupta, who led the Paytm team, didn’t follow the cookie-cutter model to success. He didn’t go to IIT or a pedigree university.

Startups should have cash reserves for 3 years

Yashish Dahiya, Co-founder and CEO, PolicyBazaar

Yashish Dahiya, Co-founder and CEO, PolicyBazaar

Yashish Dahiya of PolicyBazaar talks about what startups need to focus on to survive the coronavirus-led downturn, and why they need strong cash reserves.

How Taiwan’s coronavirus response is exemplary


Due to political tensions with China, Taiwan’s progress in tackling the coronavirus outbreak does not get much media mention.

IIT team develops LED-based disinfection machine


IIT Guwahati developed a low-cost LED-based machine for disinfecting floors at hospitals, buses, and trains to aid the fight against coronavirus.

Ola launches medical transport for non-coronavirus patients

Ola cabs

Ola Cabs

Ola has enabled over 200+ hospitals in Bengaluru. The service is to enable medical trips that are non-coronavirus and do not require an ambulance.

These ex-MyGate employees aim to simplify daily meal planning

Zelish founders

Zelish not only helps you with meal planning but also delivers the items needed to prepare them. It wants to make 'ghar ka khana' more appealing for millennials.

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