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Why Vikash Jaiswal decided to develop Ludo King — India's top gaming app

The story behind Ludo King

ludo king

Vikash Jaiswal, Founder and CEO of Gametion Technologies, the parent company of Ludo King talks about building the viral game.

Difference between a founder and a CEO

Matrix Moments

Avnish Bajaj, Founder and Managing Director, Matrix India.

Avnish Bajaj, Founder and Managing Partner, Matrix Partners India explains the difference between a founder and a CEO.

Starting up to address autoimmune pain


Thryve Team

California-based Thryve provides gut microbiome testing, personalised nutrition, and customised probiotics designed by experts.

Job openings at Netflix India


Netflix has a big dream for India and if you want to ride the growth of this leading OTT platform, check out these job openings.

Entering the Indian coffee market with a roastery

Roastery Coffee

Nishant Sinha, Founder of Roastery Coffee

Nishant Sinha’s teacher told him to join the coffee industry because Indians grow a lot of good coffee but don’t consume it as much.

Leading the fight against HIV/AIDS stigma


(From L to R) Pravasini Pradhan, Mona Balani, Jahnabi Goswami, and Jyoti Dhawale

The greater struggle of living with HIV lies is fighting the stigma. These four women are raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

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