Tata Group partners with NVIDIA to build AI infrastructure

NVIDIA will provide the technology to Tata Group to deliver various AI products and services.

Tata Group partners with NVIDIA to build AI infrastructure

Friday September 08, 2023,

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India’s leading conglomerate Tata Group has entered into extensive collaboration with . The deal will see the global chipmaker deliver on artificial intelligence computing infrastructure and platforms.

According to a statement, the collaboration will bring state-of-the-art AI capabilities within reach to thousands of organisations, businesses, AI researchers, and hundreds of startups in India.

Both companies will work together to build an AI supercomputer powered by the next-generation NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip.

“The global generative AI race is in full steam,” said Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of . “Data centers worldwide are shifting to GPU computing to build energy-efficient infrastructure to support the exponential demand for generative AI.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

will be engaged with three key companies of the Tata Group—Tata Communications, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and Tata Motors.

“We are delighted to partner with Tata as they expand their cloud infrastructure service with NVIDIA AI supercomputing to support the exponential demand of generative AI startups and processing of large language models,” Huang said.

Tata Communications and will develop an AI cloud in India aimed at providing critical infrastructure that enables computing’s next lifecycle. Tata Communications’ global network combined with the AI cloud will empower enterprises to transfer data across the AI cloud at high speeds, enabling them to effectively bring the AI cloud to the doorstep of every enterprise, the statement said.

TCS will use the AI infrastructure and capabilities to build and process generative AI applications. Additionally, TCS will upskill its 600,000-strong workforce by leveraging the partnership.

This partnership will also catalyse the AI-led transformation across Tata Group companies ranging from manufacturing to consumer businesses.

“Our partnership with will democratise access to AI infrastructure, accelerate the build-out of AI solutions and enable upgradation of AI talent at scale. Tata Group’s presence across sectors coupled with NVIDIA’s deep capabilities offers numerous opportunities for collaboration to advance India’s AI ambition," Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran said.

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