Meet 5 YouTuber mums who are helping parents with tips and advice

Follow the lives of these five YouTuber mums as they take you on the journey of parenthood, offering information and advice that is sure to make your life easier.

Parenting is not easy. You learn as your child grows. Increasingly, all mums look for information and advice on the internet as they go through different phases and sets of challenges. Apart from well-meaning friends and family who guide you as you traverse the path of motherhood, there are multiple communities online, including on YouTube, to help you.

YouTuber mums document their lives and experiences as mothers, share experiences and tips, DIY projects, recipes, and product reviews, so it’s easy for you to make your choices. 

Here are some popular mums who are breaking the internet with their unique takes on parenting.

(L-R clockwise) Mansi Payet, Diya Rajguru, Reema, Kiran Raj Singh, and Mani Pavitra.

Mansi Payet, Mom Com India

Mansi Payet started her YouTube channel Mom Com India in early 2017 and has since then garnered over 1.03 million subscribers.  

Targeting mothers, her channel has vlogs and videos on pregnancy, parenting, motherhood, and child care. She says, “It's a passionate project by a mother for new parents!” 

She was 33 when her son was born and motherhood spurred her to chase this passion. She covers multiple topics most inspired by her own experience as a mother. Her videos span multiple areas such as recipes for kids, skin care for mothers, toilet training, and go on to documents required for school admission.

Kiran Raj Singh, Indian mom on duty 

Indian mom on duty was started in 2015 by Kiran Raj Singh, and has 577K subscribers. Kiran has been blogging extensively since 2013  and in 2015 decided to start her YouTube channel. Her focus is on everyday things - clothing, parenting, and travelling. As a mother of a daughter, she likes to document her own life as a parent on YouTube and has also created and posted interesting videos with her daughter. 

Her vlogs range are both fun and interesting. They include DIY projects, reviews of products, photography tips, dressing to work, and much more. 

Divya Rajguru, Mom N Me

Australia-based Divya Rajguru is a mother to two kids. Her YouTube channel started in 2016 is inspired by her own experiences as a mother. 

Her videos capture milestones of her children, cleaning routines, lifestyle and health tips, DIYs and more - things that matter and dominate a mother's life. She has 78.2K subscribers. 

Mani Pavitra, Million Moms

Started in 2018, and headed by Mani Pavitra and her team of experts, Million Moms is a YouTube channel focused on improving the health of women. The videos cater to women on their journey as mothers and as they take to motherhood.

The approach of Millions Moms is holistic and offers solutions to all practical challenges faced by mothers - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Reema, Indian Mom Studio 

Reema is another popular YouTuber Indian mum. Mother to a teenager, her YouTube channel Indian Mom Studio has 147K subscribers. 

She started her channel in Hindi in 2015 where she shares vlogs, which range from shopping in markets to travel and cooking. Her vlogs capture the life of an Indian mum and she goes with the tagline – “next door family friend”. 

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)


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