On Children's Day, meet Tanya Shanker, the 13-year-old powerhouse vocalist from Bengaluru

On Children's Day, meet 13-year-old Tanya Shanker from Bengaluru, who is making waves in the city with her powerful vocals.

On Children's Day, meet Tanya Shanker, the 13-year-old powerhouse vocalist from Bengaluru

Thursday November 14, 2019,

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Tanya Shanker

Kids today have the opportunity to explore and make the most of the things they love. This Children's Day, meet 13-year-old Tanya Shanker from Bengaluru, who is passionate about music and aims to pursue singing professionally.

Having collaborated with renowned names like Girish and the Chronicles, Perfect Strangers, Carlton Braganza, Shalini Mohan and more, the teenager is turning heads and making waves everywhere she goes.

Tanya started singing when she was seven years old, and went on to be the lead singer of her school’s band. Earlier this year, her first single, Thank You Mum garnered over 20,000 views in just a week. Her single Be Yourself, which was released last month encourages listeners to be true to their dreams and not follow the crowd. Mentored by Richard Andrew from the Moksha Academy of Arts in Bengaluru, Tanya is also working on her debut album, slated to release in 2021.

Speaking with HerStory, Tanya shares her love for music, her journey so far, and the future she dreams of.

HerStory: When did your passion for music come about?

Tanya Shanker: My passion for music came about when I was about seven years old. I was singing my first song on stage - Cowboy Take Me Away - when I realised that I felt this immense joy while singing. So I decided that this was what wanted I wanted to do.

HS: Have you dealt with negative reactions towards your love for music?


I have received loads of negative comments about my love for music. Most people say that I can't make it because music is an unstable career, or because English music in India won’t succeed. They also tell me to just study and focus on academics.

But I believe anyone can achieve their dream if they work hard. This was one of the reasons I wrote my song - Be Yourself.

HS: How do you overcome these hurdles?

TS: I find that the best way to deal with these comments is to not take it to heart. Unless the criticism is constructive, it is unnecessary to be affected.

HS: What kind of community have you found through music? Are there many other young musicians?

TS: The music industry is very connected. It is a welcoming place for everyone who has the passion. Everyone is so helpful and supportive, and it is truly awesome to see so many people who have such an enthusiasm for music.

I know many other young teenage musicians like Jaime Dudley and Manou Rao in India. They are absolutely fabulous musicians and I admire & respect them.

HS: Why do you love music and singing?


Music is such a great way to express what you are feeling. Whenever I'm feeling down or upset, I sing. I feel the words and the emotion. I think that the best thing about music is that you can truly connect with people. You can make them feel happy, sad or joyful. It brings people together and can change your life.

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HS: How do you come up with the lyrics? Who helps with the music composition?

TS: Honestly, inspiration just hits me. I get an idea and then I work from there. I then sit with Richard, my mentor who helps me. We then keep brainstorming and working until we get what we want. Sometimes composing a song can take a few hours and sometimes days.

HS: What inspires you the most?

TS: The people around me, the experiences I've had, and my family and friends. They give me a good perspective and help me compose and write songs.

HS: Who are your top 5 favourite musicians?

TS: Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Aretha Franklin.

HS: Who are some of the musicians you've worked with so far?

TS: I have worked with exceptionally talented bands like Perfect Strangers, Girish and the Chronicles, Moksha All Stars, and individual artists like Shalini Mohan, Sanjay Chandrakanth, Sylvester Pradeep, and Carlton Braganza. I am so grateful to have performed with artists like them.

HS: What's your favourite thing about being on stage?

TS: The rush and the energy of the music. I immerse myself entirely into the music and give my best on stage.

HS: What is your dream stage?

TS: Wembley! It's huge!

HS: What would you like other kids starting out with music to know?


If you want to pursue music, then do it. Go for it and give it your best shot. Just work hard, dream and believe in yourself and everything will go your way.

Tanya talks about her passion, finding support, and where she wants to be in the next few years. Take a look:

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)