The dream for Indian women in tech: insights from Padmasree Warrior, CEO, Fable

With more than two decades of experience in tech, Padmasree Warrior is one of the most notable trailblazers of the industry. Speaking with HerStory, Padmasree shares insights into the world of women in tech, and the future she hopes to see.

The dream for Indian women in tech: insights from Padmasree Warrior, CEO, Fable

Friday November 08, 2019,

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“Our role is changing, as women leaders. We have to be influencers and movement starters. You have to be yourself. Be community builders, and share experiences.”

- Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree Warrior, Founder and CEO, Fable

Today, we see many women taking an interest in the various fields of tech and joining the workforce. While this is a big shift from the way things were a few decades ago, there are very few women who successfully climb the ladder and take up decision making roles.

One of them is Padmasree Warrior, undoubtedly one of the most prominent women in tech. Having led companies like Motorola, Cisco, and NIO, and currently as the CEO of her own company Fable, she has an abundance of insights to share and advice to give.

Speaking with HerStory, Padmasree talks about attracting more women into the workforce and at the decision making table, and enabling them to shape the future of technology.

"It’s push and pull. My advice (for women) is to be aggressive, look for opportunities, and put yourself out there. Companies should also make room for women. I think the more diverse a board and management team is, and the better the decisions are."

Women are often expected to change themselves to be able to lead and assert themselves - be it their personalities or the way they dress. With over twenty years of experience in tech, Padmasree loves what she does, and embraces herself for exactly who she is, including her love for colours and the exceptional skills she brings to the table.

"My favourite part about being a woman in tech, is being a woman. I think of myself as a woman, and as a leader. I love wearing colourful clothes and jewellery, and in addition to that, I bring a lot of core capabilities. It's sort of like the whole package!"

By speaking up, taking up space, and fighting for equal treatment in all walks of life, women are actively working towards a better tomorrow. They are also steadily reclaiming their spot as leaders of the tech world, and Padmasree hopes to see more women at the forefront.

Take a look at how Padmasree envisions the future of tech for women:

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)