Started amid the pandemic by four siblings, this comfort clothing brand has clocked Rs 12 Cr revenue so far

Jisora, started by Khushboo Sethi and her three brothers Kavya, Mehul, and Tushar, is a Jaipur-based clothing brand that offers sleepwear, loungewear, and resort wear. It has catered to over one lakh customers in a year.

Started amid the pandemic by four siblings, this comfort clothing brand has clocked Rs 12 Cr revenue so far

Wednesday April 20, 2022,

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Kavya (18), Mehul (19), Tushar (20), and Khushboo (24) Sethi hail from a Jaipur-based family of entrepreneurs that has been in the clothing business for over 35 years. Since childhood, the siblings have been drawn into family business and it was a natural progression to entrepreneurship when the pandemic struck and the concept of ‘work-from-home’ clothing became cool.

“As the pandemic raged on, we understood that buying comfortable clothing has been the most common change in people’s fashion habits over the last year-and-a-half. People want their pieces to be versatile as they might feel like wearing them at home, dressing them up or down as they wish,” Khushboo says.


The siblings (from left to right): Tushar Sethi, Mehul Sethi, Kavya Sethi and Khushboo Sethi

The siblings saw a need gap in the current market - one where the choice of clothing available for women was either fashionable western wear or traditional ethnic wear. There was little that brought both the worlds together. To fill the gap in the current market, they launched Jisora at the end of 2020.

Kavya is the channel between the company and its market and handles HR, customer relationships, and business development. Tushar, an artist and self-taught designer, leads the production team. Mehul is the company’s technical and finance head. Besides leading the marketing team, Khushboo is also a self-taught designer.

Elaborating the pain point behind Jisora, Khushboo says, “We understood that fashion during the pandemic had become a means to escape boredom and meant a mix of comfort and style. Everybody believes that nothing can replace the pencil skirt or shirt for the most appropriate and professional office look. Jisora’s focus is to provide clothing that can be perfect for your office meetings, lounging around, and your evening night out.”

“We use pure cotton fabric because we observed that women were choosing cotton sets instead of feeling claustrophobic in dresses that look good but don't offer much comfort. And selecting natural fabrics like cotton becomes essential because problems like sweating, itching, and rashes become widespread in synthetic materials,” she says.

Jisor’a collection includes sleepwear, loungewear, and resort wear.

With customers looking for variety in clothing, Jisora launches somewhere between 4-50 new designs every month. With its average price range around Rs 1,000, it aims to be in the affordable category.

Comfortable and affordable


From the Jisora range

“We have something for all in our target market, from a four-year-old girl to a 60-year-old woman. We make products from XS to 6XL. We are trying to understand the need of the moment, which is comfort and style. Jisora is a Marwari word that means satisfaction, and that has always been the core of our brand,” Khushboo says.

The D2C apparel startup has an in-house manufacturing unit with a design studio and a production house with an expert team of designers. It has a manufacturing capacity of around 50,000 pieces per month and a storage capacity for about 200,000 items.

The brand’s target market is global. As many as 90 percent of its orders are from India, but the founders plan on expanding their global reach. Besides its own website, Jisora is available on Shopify, Myntra, Amazon, Nyka, Ajio, Flipkart. etc. It has delivered to over one lakh customers in a year.

The founders initially invested Rs 25 lakh in the brand and claim to have earned a revenue of Rs 12 crore in a year and a customer retention rate of almost 40 percent.

“We plan to expand and increase our footprint in the offline retail market. We goal is also to open franchise stores throughout the country. We started a kidswear line recently and plan to dominate that market too. We’ll soon launch a menswear line,” Khushboo says.

Edited by Teja Lele