Role of women entrepreneurs in India’s economic growth story

The will to establish something on their own has led women entrepreneurs to build their empire and grow it exponentially while taking initiatives and setting innovative benchmarks across industries.

Role of women entrepreneurs in India’s economic growth story

Friday May 27, 2022,

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Entrepreneurial endeavour is a sheer amalgamation of intent, knowledge, and dedication that drive outcomes!

Entrepreneurs do not just build a business, but they build a nation. The characteristic of being a true leader is that one never fears challenges, rather challenges excite them to enable new possibilities along with their unwavering belief to accomplish what they desire to achieve.

When we dive into talking about entrepreneurial revolution, we cannot miss out on the following quote shared by Peter Drucker, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Being a female entrepreneur in the digital industry, I understand the complexities of leading an organisation and the crucial parameters that accompli enabling future business growth.  

As per the recent stats, we have witnessed a significant rise in the number of entrepreneurs, among which the number of businesswomen has increased predominantly. More than believing in external opportunities, it is the will to establish something on their own that has led female entrepreneurs to build their empire and grow it exponentially while taking marvellous initiatives and setting innovative benchmarks across industries.  

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Rapid urbanisation has prevalently fuelled women across sectors to contribute to catalysing National Economic Growth (over 20 percent of the total GDP). The best part behind this revolution is ‘audience trust’ because once you establish your business in the eyes of the customers, public, and target audience, you open new doors for sustaining growth. 

Following are the points regarding the pivotal role played by women in contributing to catalysing economic growth: 

Strong financial performance

Women-led businesses and enterprises have shown strong financial performance across industries over the past couple of years. More than money management, it is about the utilisation and investment of capital earned. Such crucial decisions make huge impacts on businesses in the longer run. Budgeting offers a better hold of the cash flow. Even at the time of unprecedented events, the financial performance can be sustained while managing the capital at hand in accordance with essential or needed growth.  

Promote empathy-led structures

Another prominent factor that female entrepreneurs leverage in catalysing business and economic growth is promoting empathy-led structures. When you understand the workflow and build required or essential structures for the team or employees, it facilitates work, productivity, and business growth.

To empower the workforce, one must incorporate advantageous tools and training sessions. Empathy-led structures are more people-centric. It has more to do with fuelling task completion cumulatively and with utmost efficiency. 

Empowering female professionals 

The potential female professionals have is remarkable! Their ability, consistency, dedication, mindfulness, and accountability towards their work are beyond appreciation. While we empower female professionals with gender-balanced opportunities, we praise their abilities and innovation they lay on the table and their vision to grow, personally as well as professionally, while contributing to the collective growth of the organisation. 

Multitasking works magic

Women are known to handle multiple tasks at a time. The consistency with which they accomplish goals and manage timelines constructively contributes to obtaining business goals.

Here, well-planned management skills advocate the whole manoeuvre while reflecting the utmost professionalism of individual employees. 

People development for business development

Women have contributed to catalysing economic growth with a better understanding of what factors demand focus. People-led processes are the areas to look upon, and when we ease their difficulties, we overcome the hurdles. People ≥ Business, this in itself clarifies more on the co-dependency of people and business.

Women are more empathetic, and they are more than capable of analysing the consequences. By making empathy-led decisions, they build an empire where people work with a common goal to acquire business growth. 


The above discussions are made based on personal experience. Economic growth is led by the growth of the business. When we look at broader prospects, we understand the cruciality of everything that comes into play.

In recent times, women have become progressive participants in boosting the entrepreneurial revolution of the nation. While they excel at being a leader, they are lucratively contributing to catalysing economic growth. 

We, as audience, can support such brilliant female entrepreneurs by contributing to more women-led enterprises. We can cumulatively enable a better future for the upcoming businesswomen and female professionals that will lead to a revolutionary rise in the national economic growth.

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