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Pranjal Polymers Offers An Exclusive Range Of Flange Guards To Protect Man And Machine

The safety of person, property and machines is capturing the attention of many and to fulfill this need we at Pranjal Polymers, manufacturing various protective products to provide you safety against the leakage of various harmful chemicals and alkaline. The best products are quality certified to ensure the proper safety of you and your business. 

Tuesday November 29, 2016,

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The history told many gloomy stories of several tragic accidents due to the emission of various hazardous chemicals, oils, and gases. Many lose their life, property, shelters and much more which is incurable for any cost. To save the world from certain events and secure your journey to the clouds, Pranjal Polymers has brought a huge range of the flange guards which are placed on the flange, valve, and pipeline joints to protect them against leakage, mist formation and spray outs. It is a sure shot way to ensure the safety of man and machine against the emission of harmful gases and leakage of hazardous acids. We've got it covered with the exclusive range of flange guards that is installed at the joints mainly in the chemical industries and pharmaceuticals located near residential areas, at heights, near flammable surfaces, at the eye level, over the heads and many other places.

Flange guards are also called protective shields which make a protective seal around the joint and preserve it against the leakage. The flange guards come in various sizes and materials which are heat, chemicals, alkaline and corrosion resistant. They are easy to install and remove which are reusable for many times. They are also available with the PH indicator which helps to seal the leakage and changes color when it comes in the contact of any acid or alkaline. Some shields are transparent which make it easy to detect the leakage of acid or alkaline. The hardest part is to seal the gases but the products offered by top notch manufacturer of Flange Guards threat prevention at the highest level.

Different Types Of The Flange Guards Manufactured By Pranjal Polymers:-

PP Flange Guards: These types of the flange guards offer the highest protection with the maximum satisfaction. They are manufactured with the precise experience because they are designed in the harsh conditions and with the latest technology. It is best known for its accuracy features. They come with the PH indicator which detects the leakage easily. It works on the basic litmus principle which changes its color when it comes in the contact of acid or alkaline.

PTFE Flange Guards: The manufacturers have used high quality raw material to make this product. It will keep you secure from the dangerous chemicals flow out from the pipe joints. The product is much reliable and target on the troublesome areas. It is durable, reliable and tested for quality on different parameters. It provides long lasting and highly efficient performance which can be seen with the first application use.

Spray Guards: They are highly recommended for its physical strength and brilliant performance. They are highly durable and the best thing about these types of flange guards or safety guards is; they are Teflon coated and come with PH indicator which detects the leakage or spray out easily. It can also be seen easily as the patch placed at the center turns its color for the easy detection. They are light in weight and easy to install and remove as well.

About Pranjal Polymers

Pranjal Polymers is an ISO certified company which is serving various protection products to the chemical industries and pharmaceuticals. We are recognized as the well known Spray Guards Manufacturers in the national as well as the international market area. We value everything because we know doing the right job is much easier than explaining why we didn’t achieve the things we admire. We are a manufacturing facility which manufactures quality assured products. The products are passed from various quality tests to meet the demand of international quality standards. Moreover, we deal in all types of protection products like Gaskets, Bellow Guards, Spray Guards, Flange Guards, etc.