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It was indeed a tough journey, but nothing was impossible : Nisha Shetty

It was indeed a tough journey, but nothing was impossible : Nisha Shetty

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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- Mira Sharma


Nisha Shetty is one of the hard working and dedicated businesswoman. She started her career as customer support representative at start up BPO and within 4 years of her professional life, she started her own venture Connectia Solutions, an IT firm specialised in It services, training and recruitment.

Born in a middle class family in Mangalore, Nisha, 27 faced a tough life at meeting her needs. She started working as tutor at young age of 17 to meet her college expenses. Completing her masters in Business administration in the year 2012, she made her way to reach her career goals.

"Believe in yourself even though no else does", says Nisha.

Speaking about her journey she says, "It was never an easy ride for me. I had my own ups and downs. People never accepted my ideas, beliefs and considered me nothing but a joke. So I did what I believed in. I took a firm decision and started doing what I was supposed to do. Today I am proud to tell everyone that I own a software firm and I am doing great in it. My clients are happy with our services and also we have bagged lot of projects in our kitty."

Charity and social work

"Help a needy and you be the reason for a smile on their face," believes Nisha. She is active member of Animal Care Trust, supporter of special children and educate a girl child. Nisha has rescued so many stray animals and have handed over to ACT who take good care of the abandoned animals. "Helping people especially animals gives me immense pleasure and a sense of peace to my mind," says Nisha.

Message to young aspiring Entrepreneurs

"Nothing is impossible when you want to make it possible. Do not depend on others to fulfil your dreams. Its your dream your ambition so you are the only one person who is really concerned about it and should be working on it".