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We make waste people collection easier and accessible

Friday September 09, 2016,

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At Wehuddle we aim towards making waste paper collection easier and accessible with the help of technology.

Why Waste Paper collection:

We all understand Paper is something which follow us and becomes an essential part of our life on day to day basis regardless of the age or type of work we do. In the present scenario, taking demand vs supply into consideration, paper mills are facing a real tough time. In India, recyclers feel there is a strong resource but lack of collection centers who can ensure waste paper collection at regular intervals

"At Wehuddle, we help solve the problem by acting as a bridge between the 

customers and recyclers"

When there are lot of startups coming in the E-commerce, Healthcare space etc at wehuddle we feel have missed out in addressing one of the most important issue in recent times.

How Wehuddle works:

Everything is getting smarter and easier with Mobile, so do Wehuddle also. We are coming soon in Android and iOS platforms where our customers can "Request for a collection" at the click of a button. 

How it works:

1. Login or signup with us

2. "Request for a collection"at their premises by giving all necessary information.

3. Its done!! Our paper collection agents arrive on time and gather all waste papers at one slot

4. For periodical collection, we have also planned for installation of "Wehuddle Trash Cans"

5. The collected waste papers will be delivered to Paper recyclers.

Our Customers:

More you use.. The more you waste!! You are our customer

1. Schools and Colleges

2. Public & Private Companies

3. Shopping Malls

4. Banking Institutions . Etc

Development Stage:

Wehuddle is currently in the ideation stage and i am looking to raise some funds to bring this up to the next level. Feeling excited!! please do support us!!!