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The perfect shade of lipstick to match your skin tone

Lipsticks are perhaps a woman’s best friends! These colored sticks instantly perk up your looks as well as your mood! 

The perfect shade of lipstick to match your skin tone

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

3 min Read

Even if you are not in a mood to apply makeup, rubbing on some lipstick will do the trick and prepare you for the day. But with thousands of shades available, it can be quite a challenge to pick the right one. There are hundreds of makeup brands coming up with new colors and hues every few weeks, which can be pretty confusing. You may simply fall in love with a color you see online or a model wearing one, but it may not really look as good on you! Have you ever wondered why? The reason is every woman has a different skin tone and every lipstick you buy should compliment that. 

Read on for some help to buy the perfect lip color for yourself


Determine Your Complexion

This is the very first step you need to take when you are buying a lipstick for yourself. In fact, this should be done before you buy any makeup so that you can look perfect in them. You should know whether you are fair, dusky or medium toned with a wheatish complexion. After identifying your complexion, you need to find out your undertone whether it is cool or warm. This can be done by observing the color of your veins at the back of your palm or wrist. If they appear green, then it is warm and if they look blue, then you have a cool undertone.

Try Out Every Lipstick

The most common way of trying out a lip color is a single swipe on the back of the hand. But women forget that the color of the hand is quite different from that of the lips. Instead, you need to try it on your fingertips that bear resemblance to the color and texture of the lips. 

Choose the Appropriate Hue for Fair Skin

Fair skinned people can carry off almost every color on their lips but look best with shades of brown and orange and even nudes. Peaches and corals are great for warm undertones while deeper shades like mauves are ideal for cooler ones.

Right Colors for Wheatish Skin

Women possessing this skin color are indeed blessed as they can look gorgeous with every lipstick they wear! Browns, peaches, cinnamon, red, pink, the entire color palette belongs to them but stay away from nudes as they make you look pale and washed out! 

Shades for Dusky Beauties

Women with a slightly darker skin color look best when they wear colors like deep brown and berry. Bright colors like orange and red should be completely avoided as they can look disastrous. If you really wish to sport a red, go for brick or brownish red. If you have a darker skin complexion choose colors like wine, ruby red, walnut, honey, etc. to look your best. Check out the latest trends in lip colors at Althea Philippines.

It is important that you choose lipsticks that match your skin tone since it is one of the most prominent colors on your face. Although it is a great idea to follow trends and bring home the latest lipsticks, invest some thought and time before you mindlessly buy one. Look for undertones to match the color of your skin and you can create magic with these colors.