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How to market a business in 2017

The 10 min read on where the peoples attention currently is and How To grab them

How to market a business in 2017

Thursday April 27, 2017,

3 min Read

When no body is looking at Billboards or flyers and only 5% people still listen to radio ads carefully, then how would a buisness grow if it invests all its money in 1997 marketing techniques.

If you still have a Doubt , Let me Clear It .People While Driving are on 'their Phone '..People while eating are on 'their phone' ..People while socilising are on 'their Phone' .Then who the hell is paying attention to billboards or flyers or radio ads or tv ads and Honestly They cost so much that you are left with no budget for furthur marketing

Buisnesses need to Know where the Consumer Attention is ... Consumers attention on waking up is on facebook, instagram ,snapchat, youtube. Consumers attention while watching Tv is on facebook , instagram ,snapchat . And honestly facebook has a such a great Advertising Platform that can skyrocket your buisness sales just with 1500.


It is very Clear that what is showing conversions and what is not 

So how to get conversions and Increase Sales For Retail Buisness -

1.Get a Website - Its like utmost important thing for every buisness whether you are a retail store or a restaurent or a salon or a bakery , you need to Get a website and cost of getting website is free . I know this Free Tool called that helps create website for all kinds of buisness for free like i was able to open an ecommerce store , my freind opened a restaurent store through which his customers were able to order food and Book a Table . And Honestly their Service was Awesome .

2. Content Sharing- After you have a website set up next thing you need to know is how to grab people's Attention. Share your Content Regularly on facebook , Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter in a storytelling way and user will lean on your Content . Write A Blog............The Tool i told you about     It let users automatically share their site contents on Facebook and Instagram so it saved my Duplication of effort and saved a heck lot of my Time , Like my blog posts and products automatically got shared on my facebook and Instagram....

3. Invest in Facebook ads - Invest in Facebook ads . They are very Cheap right Now but will not be in Few years . So invest in Them . Don't know how to de them open youtube and type 'how to advertise on facebook' you will find a load of good tutorials


4. Always Try new Ways of Marketing- A buisness if Wants to Grow should Always Try New Ways Of marketing . Remember Mobile the next Thing and Influencer Marketing ,the most Underpaid Advertisement right now . Nobody will open a freakin Laptop to watch your Content .You can have a look at my e-commerce store i built using It looks Beautiful On Mobile Fashion Villa

At the End always be patent and Consistent. you need to do the work to get the result and remember mobile is the next thing not billboards and radio ads 

Thats how you market in 2017