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11 Things to do right away after launching a WordPress site

11 Things to do right away after launching a WordPress site

Tuesday April 17, 2018,

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If you had managed to build a website successfully on WordPress and it’s running smoothly then you might have too few things after it before writing any post or blog in it. You have to find new ways so more and more users can visit your WordPress website with ease. There are a few steps which you should consider doing for your website wellbeing. Some of the most common steps are back up and security, updating necessary things and using plugins. Today, on this topic, there will be a detailed guide of all the things which you need to do right away after launching a WordPress website.


Essential things to do right away after launching a WordPress website

1. Security

If you had finished with your website building then this is the first step where you should lay your attention. Most of the WordPress websites which are hacked is the cause of their weaker security deployed measures. So, you should first of all, do a security check of your website if the security is not that tough you can deploy additional security measures. You can also choose a strong password with uppercase and special character.


2. WordPress Permalinks 

This is nothing new it works same as URL and it gives you distinct post a different URL. It enables you to share the link of your blog post easily around various social media platforms. The permalinks are an essential component because of it search engines can find your content. It basically helps you to share content through human contacts and enables search engines to enlist your content.

3. Set up email notifications 

It is one of the essential things which you should do after getting finished with Wordpress website building. The email notification helps you in various aspects it gives you notification related to security when anyone tries to brute force your Wordpress account. If there is an update then it provides you email notification regarding it. You can also customize notification so you only get email notification of things which you are concerned about. You also get a notification when someone shares you or subscribe you it all depends on you.

4. Test your website loading time 

It is one of the things which you should do after finishing your complete setup. This will help you find out how others will view your website and how much time does it takes to load. If the Wordpress website is taking too much time you can use a plugin or get rid of few unnecessary plugins to get the desired load time. You must take great care that your website loads just in few seconds as people don’t tend to wait on websites which loads slow. You can use tools like Pingdom and others to check your website or webpage loading speed remember faster is always better.


5. Using Plug-in to speed up your website 

 If your website is taking a bit long to load and you don’t want to make changes in your website then you can use a caching plugin. A caching plugin is very easy to implement and it gives you an edge by cutting the time in half. By using it, you can reduce your loading time in half and that would be great. However, you must choose the right caching plugin for yourself.

6. Setting backup

When you are done with all the setting things for your Wordpress website then you should also set a backup. You should always install a plugin so it can take backup of the website after a certain specified time automatically. It also saves you from manually backing up everything whenever you make any changes in it. Backup is essential if in case something goes wrong with the server then you can have a second copy of your website and all other data. This is one of the most important steps which you should do after setting a Wordpress website.

7. Google analytics 

You should install Google analytics as it can help you to make money from your respective website by keeping tab on your traffic. Google analytics is best and it gives you all the needed information about your website which can help you formulate and strategize a plan for marketing.


8. Viewing your website on various devices 

You should really do this and see how your website looks on various distinct devices. This gives you an idea how various people with different type of devices will see your website. If you find any error in view, you can correct it. You can also use free tools to view this like a design checker as they give you all the relevant information about the devices. This really helps you a lot in making a great view for others.

9. Doing a detailed check of all the features 

This step you can do at the last but it does take much of your time because you have to check various features of your website. It can be annoying and time-consuming to check your website functions, forms and other social media buttons which allow it to share. If everything is working fine its good, if not, then you can make changes in it and get things done.

10. Choosing an SEO plug-in 

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the needed things which you require so your website can rank in Google or Alexa rankings. Usually, WordPress is not SEO optimized, but you can make them optimized by using SEO plug-in.

11. Choosing right content 

If you are a writer then you should make sure that you write blogs on entertaining and interesting topics. So, more and more people visit your blog and Wordpress website does, make sure that you include images with your posting. Do all necessary things to make it look visually appealing.

If you will follow these steps and do this right after launching your Wordpress website then your website will just work great. You can do all of the mentioned things by yourself, but if you are going for complex Wordpress website, it is recommended to hire wordpress developer.

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