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How popular are news portals and apps for latest breaking news

How popular are news portals and apps for latest breaking news

Monday May 29, 2017,

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The impact of technology is everywhere, it is making our world much simpler and fast. Same thing goes with the news. In country like India where a large number of people get their daily news from newspapers and news channels are also taking interest in online news websites. From latest sports news headlines to politics they are getting news on every topic from the news portals on their and PCs and smartphones. Credits for this positive change should also be given to the drastic changes happening in the telecommunication sector in the country and affordable smartphones.

In a recent survey conducted by a famous media firm, revealed that more than 15% of people in India are using smartphones for getting their daily news. This may look like a small number, but when we compare it with the data of other developed countries we will realize that a large number of people are inclining towards the news portals for daily news.

In United kingdom, 40% of UK adults are getting their news from the internet, this is a bit more than the newspaper readers. Many of us may find this shocking that, news portals are overtaking newspapers in terms of readers but it is the truth and this is happening everywhere. There are many reasons why people are choosing news websites for news, latest updates, variety, authenticity and unbiased articles are some of the advantages people get from news portals. For instance, latest political news in India is a topic which attracts many readers, so if you want latest updates related to political news, you can get customized notifications for that particular topic in your phone. The popularity of news portals cannot be denied and it is improving day by day!