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These tips can keep your engagement ring shine forever

Your engagement ring would have cost you a lot of money- maybe your one or two months’ salary! So it’s necessary to pay attention towards its safety and maintenance. How? This article better tells you about how you can preserve the beauty and luster of your engagement ring, forever.

These tips can keep your engagement ring shine forever

Thursday September 07, 2017,

3 min Read

Your engagement ring is the symbol of your eternal love. Not just a ring and much beyond it, your engagement ring is too precious. And it’s a heartfelt gift from your beloved better-half, it becomes a responsibility to protect it and maintain throughout the life. You need to pay extra attention in order keep it shiny forever and ever.

With its use, there builds up some residues which fills many open spaces present in the ring (especially in those designer rings with intricate designs) which ultimately, opens up the legs and loosens the stone fitting. This might also lead to lose diamond grip which you’d never want! For these reasons, here are a few tips to help you protect your diamond engagement ring and keep it shiny forever:

How to clean your engagement ring

You can go to a local jeweller but if you don’t want to, do it at your own home as its technique doesn’t involve any rocket science. In a bowl, mix a drop of mild detergent liquid in the lukewarm water. Soak your diamond ring in it for about 5-10 minutes. This would soften up any build-up or residue in it. Take your ring out of the bowl and rub a soft baby toothbrush gently on the ring to remove residue build-ups. Once again dip the ring into that soapy warm water and rinse thoroughly. Dry it with a soft cloth. Make sure that your diamond ring is cleaned properly and if not, repeat this process.

How to protect your engagement ring

Your own gorgeous piece of precious metal is unfortunately not immortal! These precious metals are made soft to an extent so that beautiful designs can be easily carved. This makes your rings more susceptible to marks and scratches plus, even its shape gets changed sometimes with high pressure and temperature. In addition, diamond is amongst the hardest materials on the earth but that doesn’t prevent its breakage. Consider these points to protect your expensive gorgeous engagement ring:

1.Take your engagement ring off while heavy lifting.

2.Before you go swimming, take it off.

3.Take it off also while applying perfume or moisturizer as they can also steal its luster and shine.

4.If you’re a person to deal with chemicals regularly, don’t wear a diamond ring every day (not while dealing with chemicals, at least!).

How to store your engagement ring

Store it in a protective soft jewellery box when you’re not wearing the ring. If you don’t have a jewellery box, then store it in a zipped pouch which can be easily carried to somewhere. Storing each piece of precious jewellery separately is advisable to avoid rubbing and knocking and developing scratches.

If you consider above tips, it would not be that tough for you to keep up the shine, luster and beauty of your classic engagement ring. All the best!