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06 Tips to Select the Best College

Qualifying Intermediate or 12th leads to the biggest struggle of your academic life that is the selection of the best college. Get tips and guidelines on how to select the right colleges in India here

06 Tips to Select the Best College

Thursday March 07, 2019,

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Qualifying Intermediate or 12th leads to the biggest struggle of your academic life that is the selection of the best college. It is a tiresome task to choose which college fits for you as it takes tons of researching and evaluation. Because there are a plethora of colleges that claim to be the best for you. It is the student’s job to find out whether their claim is right or not. Hence, to assist students in their research here we have listed a few important points that they need to consider before selecting the best college.

06 Tips to Select the Best College

Read the given tips on how to select the best college in India

1. Get the Colleges List after Checking MHRD Ranking

Every year, MHRD releases the college ranking list based on the infrastructure, quality of education offered, placements and more. Candidates should prepare a list of colleges on the basis of their official ranking and other personal prospects like nearest, hostel availability and more. After creating the list of desired colleges, students should compare them on different parameters. It is suggested consulting with parents and teachers to select the best fit.

2. Previous Year’s Placement Record

The foremost parameter that colleges should be compared is their previous year’s placement record as it will provide them the insight of college’s contribution in building the future of their students. Alongside, students can estimate the way their future is heading. There are lakhs of students are graduating every year. Hence, it is always better to get an idea of whether students will get a job after completing their graduation or not. Besides, professional skills are mandatory to start a career and those skills can be obtained from a good college which has high placement records.

3. Availability of Labs & Library

Only theoretic knowledge can’t provide the ample resources to a student. To be ahead in any field, candidates should also have knowledge of the practical implementation of their knowledge. If a college has good library and labs than getting both practical and theoretical college.

4. Fee Structure & Scholarship

Many students aspire to study in renowned colleges but since it is a 3-4 years’ affair, students should be clear about the required budgets and their financial resources. There are several expenses such as hostel fee, semester fee, stationary cost, the daily expense for personal expenditure. Make sure you include everything before jumping to a final conclusion. Although colleges provide scholarships, expenses may go a bit high. So, consult with your parents before selecting any.

5. Hostel Availability

If you have selected a college which is far from your place then do check the availability of hostel and other facilities. Choosing a college where your maximum efforts spend on traveling or arranging things will not be a good choice. Your right college should have everything that makes you a better professional, it should not be a struggle for you. So, choose wisely.

6. Consult with Alumni

Ex-students have the clarity about the campus, teachers, college crowd, education, placements and other stuff. Consulting alumni will help you to know whether your choice is correct or not. Alongside, it is a must to consult at least 3-5 ex-students as every person has their own experiences. The more you interact, better will be your choice.

Conclusion- Instead of hitting in the dark, research well and only take a calculated risk as it is a matter of your future. Select the best engineering colleges that suits you financially, academically and which helps you in creating your own space in this competitive world.