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10 ways your business can grow with a social media app

Read 10 ways to make big of social media app development investment.

10 ways your business can grow with a social media app

Monday January 29, 2018,

5 min Read

Till now businesses have been resorting to the mobile apps for lead generation and productivity. There has been a steady demand for process-specific apps for sales and marketing, production and customer service, but a little thought was paid towards monetizing the reach and capability of social media, which has the potential to replace all these standalone apps. Unbelievable it may sound to many, but yes it’s a fact that is gaining momentum rapidly.

In 2017, the daily use of social media reached 135 minutes per day. Apart from filling up their spare time and connecting with friends and family, and venting out their perception - good or bad - regarding brands, what else do they do? A homework on the question helped me discover this topic. Read 10 ways to make big of social media app development investment.


1. Social media apps help you generate leads

Social media apps can be made to generate quality leads. When we talk about quality leads, it means a lot. A quality lead is often based on the exact match of the user’s requirements Vs. the services/products offered. Luckily, social media provides deep insights of the user’s profile and their requirements, and as you know the customers in advance, you can provide them the right product/service. So there would be little chances of cancellation or refund.

2. Social listening tools work as your extended sense

With more and more customers using social channels to connect with brands and share their opinions or reviews, it has become essential to listen to them and derive actionable insights to stay relevant to them and ahead of the competition. This has resulted in a new genre of social media apps often referred to as social listing tools. You might have heard of BuzzSumo, HubSpot, HootSuite, and similar other tools that businesses are increasingly utilizing to sense the market and derive actionable data to stay future-ready.

3. Social media apps help discover more business avenues

Social media opens a world of business opportunities for you. Think beyond selling tangible products or services, and monetize other aspects of life that make it better and enriching. Believe me, there would be less competition and a better return on social media app development. For instance, this sports app(Find a Game), capitalizes in on the hobbies and interests and helps the golf owners to get more members to their clubs. Likewise, if you are into hospitality and travel industry, you can innovate how travel enthusiasts connect with you and enjoy your services with a well-planned social media app.

4. Social media apps help you serve customers better

Social media apps can be put into the customer service operation to serve customers with promptness. Where does this rationale come from? Well, it’s often seen when consumers purchase a product or service, they often tend to get associated with its social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Hence, taking social media conversations seriously, you can improve the delivery and quality of customer service. Nowadays, chatbot development and integration with social media apps are highly in demand as it enables a brand to adopt a human-like approach and serve customers with more agility.

5. Social media apps help maintain a healthy brand reputation

The word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful sales or referrals campaigns and social media provides a channel to it. Most of the purchase decisions are made on social media by seeking recommendations of friends and family. Looking for new ways to capitalize on this general human tendency and behavior? Well, you can monetize it in two ways. First, build your own social media app and help others. And second, pay attention to what customers voice on social channels and try to resolve their complaints at your earliest. This incredibly helps with curbing the customer churn.

6. Social media apps help you serve customers with value

Honor the stay of your existing customers in your network with loyalty programs over a social media app. It’s widely accepted fact that it’s easier to sell a product to an existing customers than to a new. Interestingly, it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one, according to White House Office of Consumer Affairs. Use the built-in feature of an existing social media apps or build a custom one of your requirements.

7. Social media apps to help with brand advocacy

Social media apps were once dubbed with killing the workforce productivity. Indeed, they still are, but some prudent business heads have started monetizing that too through social advocacy and selling. It’s a wise idea to utilize the social connection of your employees to reach out to potential customers and establish a brand. The idea is driven by the old adage - people hate sales pitch but they love recommendations from friends and family.

8. Social media apps to drive corporate wellness

Health is the best wealth - taking the saying in letter and spirit brands have moved towards corporate wellness program to create a happier and healthier workforce that can contribute better to the business bottom line. Every corporate wellness app that we see on the market today allows users to connect with other users and share their fitness achievements and failures. The engagement helps to build a friendly yet competitive environment that is ideal for nurturing a healthy workforce.

9. Social media apps to build enterprise security

Security of employees is one of the key concerns for any enterprise, especially those in the manufacturing sector. Thankfully, social media prowess can be utilized to keep employees informed about the security compliances and regulations. Doing so, you do not just keep your people secured against any mishaps but also comply with regulators.

10. Stand out from the crowd

By making your brand more accessible to prospects and customers, being more sensitive to their requests and complaints, personalizing your product/service to better match their needs, taking care of your employee's health and well-being, and staying in tune with industry regulators, you can stand out from the crowd.