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4 Things Recruiters Look At While Screening Candidates

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of an HR executive when they look at your resume? Read on to find out. 

Friday July 21, 2017,

2 min Read

Recruitment is a serious business. Not only does it involve extensive sourcing, but also a deep understanding of the candidate’s skills, aptitude and personality through interviews. The employees having values aligned with company’s vision drive the organisation towards progress. Following are the qualities that a recruiter looks for in your resume:

1. Skill set: For any job, a certain set of skills is required, be it technical or communication related,so as to help the organization in its growth and realization of future prospects. This is definitely one of the most important things which a recruiter pays close attention to while screening your profile.

2. Independent thinking: A recruiter would want to hire someone who has a personal opinion and a way of doing things, rather than being guided all through. An employee with a independent thinking and ability to rationalise helps the organisation prosper.

3. Competitiveness: A good candidate, who identifies the changing demands of the market and knows how to stand out in the era of ever increasing competition, would shine in the eyes of the recruiter. If you are flexible enough and love to take up challenges, you can definitely have an edge over others.

4. Vision: Recruiters would really want to know your long term plans, which helps them identify if your vision matches with that of their organisation. People with similar work ethics make an organisation function well.

Having known all this, you have a clear idea about the recruiter’s mind frame. We hope you can employ this information wisely in your next job search.