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A review site for Home improvement

Redefining Home Improvement

Sunday October 16, 2016,

3 min Read

Sparrow ( founded to create a platform to connect home owners, business owner to find the right professionals, services and the brands for their home and office needs. The home improvement segment with all the directory services available where trying to sell every enquiry which pops up to them.

This practice of selling the leads, where the directory service does not care about its user who trust the and ask for a service. The result leads to getting a worthless professional or product and to suffer for years with the same or hire another person or product again which incurs more losses and frustration.

Sparrow also tries to create an online display of works of Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, online home improvement service, Home décor showroom, Home décor online stores and Interior Brands.

Sparrow tried to solve this problem based on the fact that the founder himself was a victim to the bad experience he came across with the home improvement service and products. This led to concept of sparrow, which helps the user to identify the professionals completely based on the reviews, previous projects and location of the project. Even though all the existing directories have reviews and rating system, but not efficient enough to help the user get the right home improvement professional for the right work.

Sparrow builds a genuine integrated network between the homeowners, professionals and the Interior brands. This initiative is to bring the age old method of ‘ask your neighbor’ to get the right professional to an online platform. The home owner can help the other home owners in their neighborhood to get the service which they used and was satisfied, also whom to avoid. The home owner uploads the image of their home and tag it to the professionals, which is done as a goodwill and help the professionals to give better service.The home owners negative review can also affect the business of the professional which pushes them to give better service.

About the Team

Sparrow was founded and Co-founded by R Muralidharan, V Rajasekar and K Surya Narayanan. The team was blend to different skills, each one of them has knowledge and expertise in their domains, which is often contributed to supporting the other with a complete different perspective.

A team of Corporate Sociologist & Designer, Analyst & Software Sales specialist and a Technologist & Software Specialist. Who have started, built, succeeded and also failed a few times in their previous startups, ended up searching for contributing cofounder with different skills other than theirs’ and co-founded Sparrow. The Team has a varied experience working for International Business Establishments, Organization of Diplomacy of other countries, Cutting edge Technology companies , International Educational Institutions all this varied knowledge has been shared by the founders to have a evolved work culture for the Company.