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5 areas of law every entrepreneur should know


5 areas of law every entrepreneur should know

Thursday June 07, 2018,

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Are you planning to turn your business idea into reality? Starting a business requires a lot of knowledge, especially in the legal area. You don't want to violate any laws when you open a new business. The following are regulations of which all entrepreneurs should be aware.


Business License

Before you start your business, you need all the necessary licenses in place. Each industry has its licensing requirements, so it's best to talk to the local authorities and find out everything about the documents you need. There is federal and state licensing laws that you need to fulfill before opening a business. If you are not aware of the licenses you will need, you can talk to a lawyer or a legal expert to learn about these documents.

Employment Laws

If you're planning to hire people, you need to understand employment laws as well. The laws govern minimum wages, child labor ban, overtime rules, and other regulations. There are also laws related to workers' compensation, equal opportunities, and health and safety. The government wants you to take care of your employees and offer adequate insurance to them. Make sure you understand all the employment-related laws before hiring people. Also, ensure that your premises are safe for people to work.

Taxation Laws

You would need to get an employer identification number from the IRS, or an equivalent from your country. There are certain taxes that all businesses have to pay. It's always a good idea to talk to an accountant or a finance lawyer to understand the taxes you must pay. The hiring of employees also has an impact on your taxes so keep that in mind when recruiting new people. There are federal as well as state tax laws so you should talk to an experienced attorney from your state.

Marketing Laws

Your business cannot prosper without marketing. You need to market your services and products to be visible to clients. Certain laws act on the marketing tactics you use. For example, you cannot falsely advertise your product and claim that it does something that it cannot do. Also, you cannot spam your customers with emails. And then, there are some telemarketing laws that you need to follow. If your calls are bothering people, they can opt out of your call list. If you collect data from your users, you need to inform them about it. Read more about the marketing laws before advertising your products or services.

Privacy Laws

If you're planning to get payments through customers' credit cards or any other digital medium, you must have a security system that keeps their data protected. If a security breach results in stolen information, you will get the blame. Also, you cannot use someone else's intellectual property. For example, you cannot use the logo or a trademark of a company. That applies to all intellectual property such as digital work, music, books, and other content.

Apart from these laws, you should also keep certain finance legislation in mind, such as the bankruptcy law. While you should start your business with a positive attitude, it's always a wise idea to have an exit strategy. Also, if you're planning to start an online business, you should learn about online business laws and payment gateways that you can use. Keep in mind that all payment gateways are not available in all countries.

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