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A stroke of luck or reward of Hard-work!!!

A subscriber to a Core Team member

Sunday January 08, 2017,

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3rd August 2016, Table of life turned for vismay, a regular user & active subscriber of MrHungry. Vismay completed his BE & he had just entered into a master program. one of the day he was surfing Facebook and he came across the page of MrHungry , a company which is engaged in business offers promotion mainly food. The Facebook page of it contains very few likes as it should have. 

He dropped a message on official number of the company that he could be helping hand in content writing for the website and Facebook page as well. Though luck played it part , company respond to in in very quick time & called him up for a meeting. On the 1st meeting things were settled on Assignment based work & per word payment. 

Vismay was first asked to write a business proposal Email for MrHungry & then this journey never ended. after a month or so company promoted him as social media manager on the Facebook page, but the bond become stronger and deep when company started involving him in to the sales and marketing discussion. Being enthusiastic in learning new things Helped, as company gave responsibility to post the offers , creating the link & set the whole picture on the website by giving site admin rights. 

But it became an integral part of his life when company launched a new product & company showed the trust on Him that , He could communicate , sell , deliver, creating the content regarding subject & posting it along with solving the queries of customers. More over, company has already told him that he could represent in such manner that MrHungry is his startup in critical situations. In past 4 months being a regular visitor of MrHungry to a designation Content writer & than to Core Team member, Life was Unstoppable to him.

Thanks! Cheers MrHungry!