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Impulsive Buying Behavior

If I see it I have to have it.

Impulsive Buying Behavior

Friday September 23, 2016,

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Consumer buying behavior is some total of consumer’s attitudes, preferences, intentions and decision making process. Buying behavior can be learned from various disciplines such as anthropology, social science, psychology and economics.

“Impulse buying Leads to Struggle with own self”

Every consumer and customer has their own pattern of buying. Marketer need to analyze such pattern and should formulate the strategies according to it.

Impulsive means act on instinct and taking decision without forethought.

Impulses are short, quick feeling and if someone is in the habit of acting on them, they are impulsive. Impulsive behavior is also known as Whimsical or capricious.

When I am writing about Impulsive buying 2 terms Unplanned purchase and compulsive buying. Unplanned purchase is full of rational behavior it is like you see things your min rationally evaluated the need and one purchases the products. Compulsive buying is when one is addicted with that products such as alcoholic products.

Compulsive buying is incidental purchase Impulsive buying is accidental purchase

Generally buying pattern follows a particular pattern but sometimes it happens purchase may become unplanned which result into impulse buying.


1. Visiting showroom for diwali shopping and bought extra cloths by persuade.

2. Visiting Kirana store and having list of products required but bags would be full of products whose name is not available in list of products required.

3. Women visiting beauty shop get attracted by positioning of products and they yield the temptation to have that beautifying products.


When people is performing shopping task they are not purchasing products they are purchasing expectations, hopes and feelings. Impulse buying would lead to emotional conflict. Impulse buying is more than unplanned purchase as it also includes feelings of sudden urge to buy.Impulsive purchase are result of both positive and negative feelings. Positive feeling such as happiness, enjoyment, love, joyful. And negative feeling such as sad, break ups, tension, stress etc.

Products should be deliberately chosen by marketer it should be low price commodity, simple commodity, seasonal products. In short products which creates sudden need of products. Impulsive products should be assort in a way that it attracts the eyes of customers. Proper lightening, advertisements, discounts, sales person influence etc are the factors which results into impulsive buying behavior.


Impulse buying also follows buying behavior pattern i.e. 
Seeing product*Arousal of emotions* Purchase product impulsively* Analysis = complete Impulse Buying Process

Both women and men are impulse purchaser the things is men purchase impulsively for high price commodity and women get attracted from low price commodity. Marketer can effectively using tools and can get income from impulse buying behavior it may require careful research with cognitive response.