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Video Conferencing- An effective tool facilitating unlimited business communication

Changing the way people communicate

Video Conferencing- An effective tool facilitating unlimited business communication

Friday July 10, 2020,

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While humans have taken an enormous leap in communication, things were quite different a decade ago. Email service was considered a corporate perk. However, now email is practically in the same category as heating and lighting – employees expect email connectivity as part of their work system. Today media solutions for conferencing and collaboration, driven by web and video conferencing technologies, are making the same transition. 

Video conferencing, technology with innovative platforms provides communication and opportunities to interact seamlessly from the comfort of the office or home. The rise in pandemic has undoubtedly propelled business leaders to rethink the way to operate businesses. The necessity of maintaining social distance has given rise to an increase in remote working where video conferencing provides a personal approach towards the work. It provides a forum and serves as the closest alternative to have a face-to-face conversation with colleagues. 

Rely on equipment and technology

To put it simply, getting the best experience from your video conferencing is not just about obtaining the best hardware for the job - it is about acquiring the best video conferencing equipment for your space. By considering workspaces and by finding the right technology to suit our diverse needs, we can ensure that we are getting the very best out of the remote collaboration revolution. Additionally, correct lighting used for video conferencing will also help the video display systems perform better, and likewise allow high-definition cameras – which require more light – to reach optimum potential.

The advent of video conferencing in business

Whether it's a small or big enterprise, proper communication and the right amount of interaction is needed for any business to grow and collaborate to work. In this time of pandemic situations, video conferencing has come as a gifted boon for collaborators and interacting-partners world over. Coupled with the best of hardware, video conferencing solutions have become champions, bypassing any potential hurdles.  

Educational providers

The importance of online learning tools in this state of pandemic is taking the world by storm. Combining eLearning with several different delivery methods, including web-based courses, video conferencing, collaboration software, and live e-learning has acted as a catalyst for the institutions as well as organisations to continue with the job in hand uninterrupted. The use of LMS video conferencing platforms has led to better user experience and improvised training programs to increase productivity and efficiency. 

With such initiatives you can conduct training sessions, reduce unproductive travel time, allowing more learners to complete courses from any device possible in a shorter period, reaching more learners in a variety of areas at low cost.

Healthcare providers 

Being a spatial barrier breaker video conferencing platform offers healthcare providers a medium to connect with patients located in remote locations. Professionals can consider implementing online learning in medical education through video conferencing. It offers the best quality video and is also cost-effective. 

Further, through video conferencing, you can keep doctors up to date on the latest innovations in their field. It’s also possible to record sessions so learners can watch them later. These video conferencing classes can help doctors to automate the delivery of continuing education in nursing, pharmacy, and other healthcare-related professions.

Small and medium business

In the state of the pandemic, many small and medium businesses have gone virtual. They have relied on video conferencing to employ remote teams as well as to provide the training. With proper video conferencing solutions and support for screen sharing, it will empower your global teams to be more connected, productive and engaged. Besides, it will also help maintain human connections, irrespective of physical location, quicken decision making and also enhance your ability to collaborate globally. 

Screening interviews

Videoconferencing is particularly efficient for initial screening interviews. So, converting the first-interviews into “virtual” meetings, businesses can restrain travel investments to those would-be employees who are worthy of serious consideration.

Video conferencing and VOIP

With a fast and secure medium to communicate, teams can pick up the thread to continue working at a remote place. In addition, it is crucial to prioritize the performance with availability and support of video conferencing solutions. While embracing other technologies such as VOIP, video conferencing solutions allow face-to-face business meetings in real-time. In addition, neither individual on either end of the conference needs to leave the desk while the meeting is scheduled.

Distance learning gets a tremendous boost from video conferencing when it is paired up with data sharing applications. This amounts to collaboration bringing fantastic results for all concerned learners. The ability to share learning material via videoconferencing sessions and to both see and hear at the same time on both the ends, in real-time is a creative and profit-making way to enhance learning.

A boon to the future

Emerging as the latest internet gold mine, video conferencing continues to provide personalized and inclusive approach to businesses and is intended to stay in the long run. Businesses have set up their goal to reduce their workforce that will save time on travel, reduce office space, infrastructure, logistics. It will further continue to prove itself to be an engaging tool for communication in business in the fullness of time.