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Ensure Food Safety by Storing them in Commercial Freezers

The safe storage of the food products is important for high quality food products. The proper food storage can result in increasing the shelf life of the food products.

Ensure Food Safety by Storing them in Commercial Freezers

Wednesday March 15, 2017,

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The safe storage of the food products is important for high quality food products. The proper food storage can result in increasing the shelf life of the food products. The proper packaging is important for food storage. The lower the storage temperature, the slower will be the growth of microorganisms. Lowering the temperature of the perishable foods is important for storing it for a long time.

The perishable food can deteriorate very quickly if they are not stored in low temperature. The bacterial growth can destroy the food and lead to food wastage. On commercial level the food products are mostly bough tin large bulks. This helps in saving money. But if you do not have an adequate space for the storage of food products, it can lead to food wastage.

The commercial freezers or under counter fridge are a necessary part of commercial kitchens. They are equipped with all the necessary features which help it in operating in commercial environment.

Here are some tips which can help in storing the food products in a proper way. This tips will not just increase the shelf life of the food but will also help in maintaining the quality and texture of the food intact.

The storage temperature:

Most of the food products can maintain their quality for a long period of time, if the temperature of the freezer is -10 F to -20 F. If the temperature of the storage area is between 0 F to 32 F, the food can deteriorate. If there is fluctuation of temperature in the freezer, it can also damage the food products. The self-defrosting feature can also make the food products get bad quickly. If the freezer which you have is unable maintain zero degree temperature.

The freezer temperature are not able to destroy the pathogens completely. If the temperature gets warmer, the growth of pathogens can become a problem. If the frozen food is thawed at room temperature then its surface will become warm. The warm surface will become suitable for the growth of microorganisms. So when the food products are taken out of the freezer, it should be used quickly.

If the model of commercial freezer that you have bought does not has a built-in thermometer, you will have to check the temperature of the freezer frequently. It is important to make sure that the freezer is cooling properly and the food products are safe and sound.

The temperature of the freezer can be checked by looking at the consistency of the ice cream stored inside the freezer. If the texture of the ice cream is not brick hard, it means that inner temperature of the freezer is not cold enough.

You can also install a warning light or some other device to ensure that if the temperature of the appliance begins to rise, you get the warning. This will help in solving the problem before the food gets wasted.

Even when you freeze the food products, they are not going to last forever. The food products can be stored for a specific time. They can be stored for a certain time. To make sure that the products are used before their shelf life expires, you need to tag the food products with the date that they are stored. You can also make a chart, showing all the stored products and date on which they were stored.

Labeling can be helpful in freezing the products in an organized manner. The products with oldest dates should be used first. The commercial should not be stocked more than its capacity. It can affect the air circulation of the freezer. If the air circulation is not consistent, the food products will not be chilled consistently which is not good for the food. The air circulation in the freezer should be proper.

Storage materials:

It is always better to store the food products in their original packaging. It should be made sure that the packaging in which the food products are stored are not harmful for the food products.

If the food products are not stored in the packaging they come in then they should be stored in separate containers in the commercial freezers. This will help in making sure that there is no cross contamination between the food products.