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10 Amazing Apps to Make your Life Easy

10 Amazing Apps to Make your Life Easy

Wednesday October 31, 2018,

7 min Read

Technology has made our lives so drastically easier that if someone from the decade of 90s visits us, he would be shocked to see the world we are living in.

We are always on the lookout to make our life a little more easier and efficient. This desire is propelled further by constantly updating online app stores. As most of our time is spent on our mobile phones since we are addicted to technology, apps become pretty much the entities closest to us.

There are tons of apps available today that range from health trackers to personal aids, so much so that sifting through them gives you a glimpse of the world all along. Sometimes, it gets tedious to find an app that is best suited for you. You wonder if you had a magical sieve that churned out only the best apps.

But worry not, we have worked out a list of 10 amazing apps that actually make your life easy. So, let us begin with the list.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader does full justice to its name. It's one of the coolest reading tools available for Android. With this app, you can read your ebooks in any format present under the sun including fb2, epub, txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi, pml and so on. Additionally, you can also customize the text size, font, color, margins, line spacing, and brightness.

Now you can take all your ebooks anywhere on a single device.

 Parking Panda

Weekend is here, you are going to meet up your friends for a party? You are dressed up in your best, picked up car keys, mobile, wallet and are listening to Pink Floyd in your car. But there is one problem. There is no parking space available. Now the only thought creeping you is how to get a parking spot without burning a hole in your pocket. Bummer? From the next weekend onwards, give one minute of your time to Parking Panda. You can find loads of parking spots and garages in the vicinity of your destiny. The app also displays cost of the parking spot and gives you the luxury of paying in advance for the spot.

If this is not the best way to save time and keep anxiety at bay, what is?




Life in the modern times is as fast as it can get. Everyone is in a hurry. You have a plethora of options to streamline your life. But in this entire pace and tension, one thing that takes a backseat is your mental peace. Headspace can be a great option for you. From Olympic athletes to entrepreneurs - everyone is using it. Richard Branson and Ariana Huffington are among the app’s 10 million users.

The app has an option of free users and subscribers. Free version introduces you to meditation for 10 minutes a day in 10 days. The subscription version takes you deeper with exercises ranging from 2 minutes to an hour. Regular usage of this app with sincerity yields amazingly positive results.

 If you always wanted a guide, give your phone a chance this time.

Lumen Trails

Are you one of those people who are not able to keep track of the important things in your life? Try Money Tracker and you will see the tables turn. Lumen Trails can track your diet, calorie intake, spending, sleeping hours, workout time and more. There are hundreds of categories which allow you to monitor even the tiniest details of your life.

So if you were always worried that your life was not sorted, put an end to that with Lumen Trails.


This app basically lessens the blue-colored light from the screen. There are many other cool features too like a timer can be set to begin screen dimming at whatever time you want. This app is a boon for those night owls whose nights aren’t complete without a phone in front of their eyes.

Reduction of the blue light ensures that you can go on using the phone late at night without worrying. If you are one of those who cannot let go, this app is tailored for you.

Hours Keeper

Self Employment has loads of benefits. You have no boss, neither are you accountable to anyone. But if time is money and money is the reason for your employment, what about keeping track of your time?

The answer is that Hours Keeper manages the time you spent on multiple clients, allowing you to sort the hours by pay period and create invoices. You can either enter time manually or use timer. This helps you in being better organised and subsequently better focused. The app offers a free and a paid version.

For efficient time management, look no further than Hours Keeper.

 MyScript Calculator

This app takes takes the human interface with a smartphone to a whole new level. This is not your average calculator. You just need to write the mathematical expression on the screen of your smartphone with fingers and the app evaluates. My Script Calculator instantly converts your handwritten mathematical expression into digital text and gives accurate results.

If you do not wish to get into the sophisticated typing issues during digital calculations, this app is a gift.


“We don’t travel to escape life but for life not to escape us.” Traveling is the best way to rejuvenate yourself. But in modern times, there is lot that comes with traveling. Flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, emails and what not.

TripIt is a perfect answer to all of your problems. Here, you can organize everything in one place and easily access anything. This app allows you to share plans, ticket details, itineraries with your family, friends and whoever you what. Basically this app is a solution to all of your travel woes. So go ahead and let the explorer in you make a little download.


This app is extremely useful in the modern times. It blends one of our basic necessity with modern technology in an interesting way. This app allows you to scan your keys by clicking a photograph of them and you have a copy (digital) in your hands. This copy can be used if you lose your key to make a new key at KeyMe office (currently 5 in New York). All you require is a fingerprint scan. So next time you have accidently locked yourself outside of your apartment, use KeyMe.


There are many photos in our Instagram and Facebook feeds which we are not very proud of. Some suffer dim lightings, and others bad frames. But we all feel that if some extra work was done, they could have been masterpieces. VSCO Cam does exactly that. There are many features on this app which allow you to better the framing, improve the lightings and much more.

VSCO Cam is perfection for the social bug in you. Make sure you have it in your phone before you upload the next story on Instagram.


This was the list of apps which make our lives easier. We hope this list comes in handy the next time you decide to visit the App Store. However, technology is not limited to that. It also makes our lives productive and streamlined. There are many apps which enhance productivity of students, professionals. Since productivity sums up the backbone of our life, these apps will make your life eloquent with the power of doing just that in your hands. You can get a detailed idea of apps which helps students increase their productivity here - Productivity Apps for students