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10 Best Laravel Packages You Should Know About

The most widely recognized and extensively used PHP framework today is undoubtedly Laravel. Be it a startup targeted project or an enterprise grade development, Laravel today is one of the most heavily used framework for PHP.

10 Best Laravel Packages You Should Know About

Monday December 03, 2018,

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Image Courtesy: Neonwiz Technologies
Image Courtesy: Neonwiz Technologies

The most widely recognized and extensively used PHP framework today is undoubtedly Laravel. Be it a startup targeted project or an enterprise grade development, Laravel today is one of the most heavily used framework for PHP.

As a Laravel development company, we have been a fan of the framework ever since it was launched. However, if you are not so familiar with the framework, here are 10 popular Laravel tools and packages.


A great Laravel package option for someone who wants to create their own media sharing sites. With unlimited widgets, pages, categories and the ability to create featured posts, lists, polls, videos, and more, Buzzy makes for a great all-in-one package. All of your media can be easily tracked on a day-to-day basis or weekly or monthly


Schoex is a wonderful powerful school management system which can help an individual in staying organised. You can easily organise the students in the system by academic year, grade etc. You can also manage class schedules, attendance, vacation and homework assignments, online exams, mark sheets, and reports. The systems admin can delegate roles to students, teachers, and parents in order to let them access areas of the system they are authorized to and can keep themselves updated with current events.

Hello Video

HelloVideo is an easy to use PHP script built with the Laravel framework to help you make your own video sharing websites easily. What else? Customise your video sharing website, add unlimited videos, and pages to the site. You can then make them available to your subscribers once you upload them online.

What’s more?

You can add unlimited YouTube, Vimeo and other media files to the website

View and analyze live stats

Provide seamless integration with Stripe payment


An admin dashboard for developers that contains all the options needed to build a website regardless of its type. It provides a front-end site preview with a flexible RESTful API all the while using an open source code.

It has a responsive admin panel and a dashboard with four different colors and styles. SmartEnd provides a responsive Bootstrap flat design with dynamic menus and pages.


Botble is a content management system for Laravel. It enables users to create, modify, and manage digital content on the website. It accommodates a multilingual admin back-end, with two ready-made themes, includes great features like a mesmerizing photo gallery and integrated Google Analytics.

Laraship Subscriptions

Since subscriptions are a popular way of presenting online goods and services, Laraship Subscriptions is a great recursive billing platform to help you manage your subscriptions. With an inbuilt system to support multiple products with different subscriptions for each it also offers Stripe integration and allows to send out invoices, subscribe, cancel or upgrade subscriptions.

Ninja Media Scripts

With Ninja Media Script you can create a quick media sharing website. With easy installation and fully customisable admin panel, you can use your own logo and preferred colour scheme on the site. A users can also sign up with Facebook, Google or email and upload unlimited number of videos, GIFs, photographs, drawings, etc on the website.


A user-friendly Laravel admin, Josh is great customizable template that has got every component with it for making beautiful back-end applications. There are more than 100 pages available, but if you need only a few pages for the on-demand application, it also includes a handy starter kit containing the most vital pages like login, register, forgot password, and user management. If there is a requirement for additional pages beyond those provided, it is easily available from the main version of Josh.


Vanguard is a login and user management application. It allows the website owners to add and enable user authentication and authorisation features seamlessly to their website. It has an easy-to-use interactive dashboard, a power-packed admin panel, and an unlimited number of user roles assigned. It also has a fully documented JSON API to easily authenticate users using a mobile device of your choice.


A swift and easy file-uploader script which helps users upload multiple files to a server. Filepicker also has three different plugins for pagination, taking pictures with the webcam, and image cropping. It makes use of the Intervention Image library, allowing for advanced image editing options to anyone who does not have much knowledge about editing.


These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Laravel frameworks. It gained popularity among the community is a very short period of time. Be it a Laravel developer or a Laravel development company, the environment that Laravel provides for coding cannot be praised enough.