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10 Content Trends to Follow in 2019

The Process of Creating Content is Changing, Let's Change Our Approach As Well

10 Content Trends to Follow in 2019

Wednesday December 26, 2018,

7 min Read

The world of content marketing is set to see a number of changes in 2019. While some of the most dominant trends will continue to exist, we can expect some new ones to dominate content marketing as well in as well.

If you are a business owner who wants to get ahead of the curve with your content and digital marketing strategies, here are some of the trends you should be following once the new year sets in.

#1. Augmented Reality

Google and Apple are two of the biggest forerunners in AR content, and it is a trend that is slowly making its presence felt. Both tech giants have pushed out support for AR content in their mobile operating systems and have pushed out the tools needed by content creators to keep their audience engaged in augmented reality.

AR apps and websites can bridge the gap between brick and mortar stores and online retail. IKEA’s place app is one of the best examples that comes to mind when talking about augmented reality. You can simply fire up the app, choose any of their products and see how it would fit in your home or workplace.  

More companies will be delving into AR in 2019, and it’s definitely a technology you should look into for content marketing due to its highly engaging nature.

#2. Reshaping Search

The simple desktop Google Bar is not the end all be all for the average internet user anymore. How we use search engines is changing drastically, and with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa being easily accessible you should rethink your content marketing strategies.

You should optimize your content for voice and image searches so your audience can quickly get to your business page or online marketplace. It is more important than ever for content marketers to understand how content is analyzed and parsed into modern day search engines.

#3. Twitch

You might be thinking, what on earth does my content promotion have to do with video games? Twitch recently introduced ads that streamers can play when taking breaks and it allows them a means of earning some quick revenue. The bigger the audience a streamer commands, the more profits content marketers earn.

You’ll find advertisements for a ton of products on the platform, and it is slowly making advertisers rethink conventional advertising formats. One of the best things about the platform is how impactful your content marketing will be. You can also support Twitch’s content creators with your products which they can endorse for you in return!

#4. Social Media

Social media platforms have been going strong for years, and we do not expect the trend to slow down anytime soon. You should take advantage of platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and other social media apps for content marketing purposes.

One of the best using social media for content marketing is how data-driven the whole channel is. You can take advantage of targeting tools offered by most of the platforms to get to your audience more efficiently than ever before. Partnering with social media “influencers” is a great way to kickstart your marketing and engage your potential customers easily.  

#5. Content Hubs

The world of SEO is constantly changing, and it’s not about stuffing in as many keywords as possible to make your content relevant. Google has aggressively cracked down on older SEO styles that focused on quantity over quality. The best way to approach SEO currently is by creating interconnected resource pages.

Many companies are doing it very effectively through high-quality content, and relevant internal links allow content markets to keep their audience engaged. If you have not already invested into content hubs, consider starting one in 2019 and slowly flesh your website out with high-quality interlinked content.

#6. Live Video

Live video is a great way to get in touch with your audience as it allows you to respond to queries in real time. Facebook is currently working on a live video sales service that is set to launch soon which will serve as a platform for marketers to pitch their products and accept payments via Facebook. Other platforms like Instagram can be utilized in a similar fashion as well.

Live video is far more cost-effective than paying hundreds of dollars for well-edited videos, and there is not much you need to invest in to get started with it. You can host behind-the-scenes and Q&A sessions with your audience for building up your goodwill on social media on a shoestring budget.

#7. Diversify Your Content

There is no dearth of quality content online, but it does not mean that there is no room for more of it. The number of high-quality bloggers and influencers is increasing every day, and the competent marketers manage to keep up with the competition fairly easily.

Try to implement as much visual content as possible including videos and infographics. Podcasts have become a great source of research purposes, and you can host them for your audience to interact with you. Instead of fleshing out as much content as possible in limited platforms, try to adapt your marketing practices to as many formats as possible.

#8. Up Your Ethics

One of the biggest talking points of 2018 has been online security. A brand is not just about revenue and sales figures; it’s about what you are willing to give back to the community. If you want to create an impression in the minds of today’s youth and adults alike you should address environmental and community problems and stand by the right causes.

Data breaches and leaks are on the rise, and if you suffer from such issues, you should come forward with it and be honest with your customers. All companies make mistakes and humanizing your brand and opening up about your practices and reinforce positivity from your customers.

#9. Interact with Your Customers

Customer satisfaction is a very commonly used marketing term, and now it is shifting towards ‘customer success.’ The newly coined term has been doing the rounds in the world of content marketing for months now, but what does it actually mean?

You need to care about the happiness of your customers and simply offering what they need isn’t enough to be successful. Use your content to show that you care about them and it may involve things like directly asking them how you can improve your products or services on offer.

#10. Chatbots

Chatbots are AI-driven virtual assistants that are capable of answering simple queries that your customers may have. They offer a ton of customization, and you can create it for pretty much any kind of business. Content marketers have pushed out great chatbot for a number of international and local brands, and they have been highly effective.

They can be used to receive feedback, make reservations and even take orders for your online marketplace. They are highly interactive and can be configured to respond with human-like responses. Best of all, they can be integrated with social media platforms quite effectively.


These were our picks for the top content marketing trends to watch out for in 2019 if you want to get ahead of your competition next year. We may have some completely new trends pop up as well, and you need to actively keep an eye out for changes around you!