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10 Inbound Marketing Strategies for New Startup[Example]

10 Inbound Marketing Strategies for New Startup[Example]

Tuesday July 23, 2019,

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For each startup, growth is one of the essential aspects. Well-functioning startups are overgrowing and reaching $1 billion valuation mark in a few years. According to the report, US startups reach a $1 billion valuation mark in 7 years to 8 years. In comparison, the startup of China takes around 4 to 6 years, which is much quicker compared to US startups. Effective inbound marketing strategies can boost the growth of startups.

Inbound is a method of attracting, engaging, and delighting potential customers and make them trust your brand by providing value. The value and trust help your startup grow. Inbound marketing is about attracting potential customers to your website through relevant and helpful content. Let’s explore ten inbound marketing strategies which will help you to take your startup to the next level of growth.

Identify Your Target User Persona:

User personas represent your target audience. To create compelling user persona, you should research and outline the behavior, needs, goals, pain points, and demographic information of your target customer.

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A user persona will help you to understand your target audience and helps to create a better product experience. Developing insightful user personas are essential for a targeted marketing plan and inbound marketing. It can also enhance and influence your growth strategy.


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Craft and Share Great Content:

For your start-up, a great inbound marketing strategy is essential. For that, relevant content is crucial. World-class marketing experts craft their content carefully to improve their inbound marketing strategy. It helps them refine stages of marketing and sales funnel.

How you can create great content

  • Start with a great headline.
  • Include more visuals and illustrations in your content.
  • Tell interesting stories.
  • Write data-driven and insightful articles.

Let us take an example:

Sephora is an e-commerce business of makeup products. Their target audience is women whose age is between 19 to 30 years. The recommendation for them would be to create around fashion and share content fashion magazines like Fashion Week.

Magic of SEO – One of the Best Inbound Marketing Strategies:

We invest our time and money to build our websites for people. If the website and content are not discoverable, then you will not be able to reach your audience. SEO leads have a 14.6% closer rate and 81% of shoppers research online before buying. Your website needs to be SEO optimized so that you can make your site discoverable.

How you can optimize your website even more:

  • Optimize keywords on each page
  • Acquire leads with free content
  • Promote your content and build backlinks

SEO best practices are not just limited to optimizing each page and blog article. Many factors are considering such as relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and other things. SEO is even more focused on website structure, optimizing images and videos, and faster and responsive experience to mobile users.

Start Guest Posting:

You should also not miss any guest blogging opportunities. Be it for the website of your start-up or opportunity of publishing your content on any other site. You can also explore expert roundups in which multiple industry experts answer industry-related questions. Guest blogging will help you with backlinks, increased authority, and relationships with key influencers.

It would help if you allocated some of your time to create insightful content for other blogs. Let us see an example of how Danny published his guest posts on multiple websites that gained backlinks.

Blogs – Better Way to Engage:

Companies that actively focus on blog articles can generate 97% more leads compared to companies that do not publish blogs. Blogs are a great starting place point for inbound marketing for startups.

When your content is useful and actionable, readers will be engaged, and the chances of them becoming a significant lead. This also applies to startup, which is into selling products or providing services.

Host a Webinar to Attract Your Target Audience:

Free webinars or free training sessions are a great way to get in touch with your target audience. They will be able to learn new things, and they will be even more engaged as they will be able to see your face and understand your personality.

Webinars are a fantastic way of increasing your leads. Interested people will enter their first name and email address to get access. Later you can use this information for email campaigns.

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Build Effective Email Campaigns:

Email marketing is very beneficial for an inbound marketing campaign for your startup. Email marketing has a massive ROI. For every $1 spent, you get an average revenue of $44.25, which is 44.2x of your investment.

Companies which have become excellent in the lead nurturing, generate 50% more leads at 33% lower cost. To make your campaign effective, you need to develop a strategy about promoting your brand. You can create a successful marketing campaign by sending helpful and relevant content to subscribers.

For example, Buzzsumo sends emails with valuable information.

Get Even More Social:

Thanks to digital marketing and data analytics, social media platforms allow you to promote your brand to your target audience. Facebook and Instagram advertising tools provide you with the functionality of marketing, remarketing, and analytics.

With minimal investment and research, you can boost your startup to grow digitally by crafting an effective digital marketing strategy. With the remarketing, you can show product-related ads to the audience who make have viewed your products earlier. You can also incentivize them to purchase by offering a discount code.

Too long; didn’t read? Let us summarize!

If you are launching a startup, Inbound marketing strategies will help you to increase your leads and buyers. To craft an efficient inbound marketing strategy, you need to understand your target audience’s wants (desire), aspirations, and struggles. Besides, engaging content will be one of the magic wands.

Apart from making the content engaging, you should also implement SEO best practices so that your target customers can find you via search engines. It would help if you keep sharing your content on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. Once you gather engagement and traffic, you can generate leads and convert visitors into customers.

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