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Things You Need to Know Before Studying Abroad

Things You Need to Know Before Studying Abroad

Wednesday July 17, 2019,

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Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be fun, exciting and fruitful. It will be a turning point in your life and you will always remember this period. But there are certain things that you need your attention and you need to be well prepared in advance before you go abroad. I remember when my best friend was going to study out of India, she started her preparations 5-6 months prior because it might seem easy but requires a lot of background checks.

To avoid any last-minute troubles that can hamper your trip or make any critical situation pop up, once you are there that will spoil your experience – there are few things that one needs to abide by. To make your international studying experience wonderful, you need proper preparations. Here is the list below to help you out to avoid any hassle.

  • Proper documentation & paperwork

The student visa is given to cover the stay of course duration but it is important to carrying along the original documents with you and placing photocopies back home. Furthermore, you could create scan copies and upload them to the cloud as an emergency backup

  • Select Courses, Manage Flights and Housing

Decide which course you want to take when the classes will start, where and the classes will be taken. Based on your class place and schedule you can find accommodation and plan what else you can do (activities/part-time work) and figure out how to commute. Book your flight a few days before the start of your semester so you can settle down and get a fair idea about the place, nearby areas, mode of transport and so on.

  • Health Check-ups and Vaccinations

This is very important before you move to another country. Check with the doctor about your health conditions, what diet, medicines, vaccinations are required based on the weather/climate conditions overseas so that you don't fall sick and stay healthy over there. Take prescription and pack basic medications that are suggested by the doctor to avoid any health emergency.

  • Currency Exchange

At the time of deciding to study abroad, you might have checked the currency value to manage your expenses and budget but it is possible that it gets changed later. Whether the country is cheap or expensive it can be unstable and rates can fluctuate any time which can impact your budget. So be updated about foreign exchange and try to find a company that provides India's best exchange rate and lowest transaction fees for Forex products and best loan rate with lower processing fees for study abroad educational loan.

  • Tell your bank

If you have not updated your bank about your foreign study plans and schedule and they see transactions from a different part of the world, they will block your cards assuming it as some fraud. Make sure to notify your bank where you will be traveling so that you do not have to suffer any financial inconvenience.

  • Health Insurance

This might skip your mind but student health insurance is one important thing that must be added in your studying abroad prep checklist. You can never be sure to be healthy and away from any accidents, and when in a foreign country you cannot afford to take the burden of high medical expenses, so make sure you're covered for any such scenario and get the best health insurance for international students.

  • Local Connections

Having someone known around in a new country is the best thing. Check is there any friend, relative, acquaintance staying over there or has any connection. You never know they can turn out to be a valuable resource for you when you are away from home on foreign lands. Especially in initial days, when you are struggling to settle in a new place, they can be helpful and supportive.

  • Food and Drink Safety

It is fascinating to try different cousins while you are visiting a new country but you should be aware of health-hazardous entailing food and drinks over there. Get the data on food safety abroad. Once you know all about it you can treat your taste buds with delightful food and beverages of the country you are visiting.

  • Law and Order (Rules & Regulations)

You do not want any legal situation or criminal record overseas. Make sure you study about some basic laws followed there and swear to abide by them. Because what is very normal in your nation can be taken as a serious offense in the other country. You might get charged for an action you did not even expect that may take a serious toll on your career and life. So, be cautious of your actions and activities while you are abroad.

  • Things To Do

Last but not least, while you will be in another country make sure to make it an experience for a lifetime. Search what all you can see and visit over there, special food of that place and other attractions. You can also get a list of less explored places to add more fun in your bucket. But make sure whatever you do is under your budget and do not cost your health and safety.

Final Words

The above checklist will sort many things for you and will ensure a peaceful stay overseas but remember that you can never be 100 percent prepared and something will always be left. Even one day before catching the flight you will be running for something or the other.

Of course, the planning will help you and make things easier but be ready to deal with the unseen circumstances and welcome the adventure with a strong mind, calm soul and open arms.