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10 Ways To Improve Your Score In PTE Exam

10 Ways To Improve Your Score In PTE Exam

Monday July 22, 2019,

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Achieve your ambition of pursuing higher education in the most prestigious universities in the world by taking the PTE examination. Attend regular PTE mock test online at ptemocktest.com and note down the PTE academic mock test scores to keep track of your progress. Adopt the following ways to score with flying colors at the PTE examination.

Ten fantastic tips to ace the PTE exam

1. PTE academic mock test practice

Attend the PTE mock test online sessions daily to improve your score. Take note of your score in each section and focus on those areas in which you score the lowest, during preparation. Make sure that there are no distractions when you take the test.

2. Determine your weaknesses

Mark the questions that you could not attempt or answer incorrectly in the PTE academic mock test. Research the answers to these questions. If you feel like you are not strong enough in any particular section, then allot a considerable amount of time to it every day for thorough preparation.

3. Improve your vocabulary

Improving vocabulary is a tough challenge for every PTE candidate. Read as much as you can and learn at least 15-20 words every day for securing a soaring score in the examination.

4. Set a study schedule

Set a study schedule and adhere to it for more comprehensive preparation for the examination. Make room in the table for at least two or three PTE mock test online sessions every day and keep mote of your score.

5. Use flashcards

Flashcards are the best ways to remember the new things that you learn. Prepare a set of PTE vernal and vocabulary flashcards of those things that are not so easy to remember, and the preparation will become easy for you.

6. Take notes of what you learn

Note down the formulas, new words, and other essential things that you come across during the preparation. Browse through the notes every day for scoring well in the PTE exam.

7. Stay driven and motivated

If you lack in determination and motivation, then you will not fare well in the examination. Stay focused and watch motivational videos to derive inspiration. Don’t let mistakes and low scores pull you down. Make them your stepping stones to success instead.

8. Practice speaking in English

Speak in English to your friends and family. You can achieve fluency in the language only if you talk in it regularly. Stay calm and composed while you speak and don't make any long and awkward pauses.

9. Focus on your writing skills

For the writing section, concentrate on writing complex and compound sentences to improve your writing skills. Practice summarizing paragraphs and try to maintain brevity of your content while you write.

10. Learn to listen with concentration

Practice listening to and understanding the English language to secure a good score in the listening section. You can respond to the questions only if you can fully grasp the audio. Take notes while you listen so that you don’t miss out on points.


Securing a high PTE score is a dream come true for every student in the world. But have you got what it takes to be successful in the exam? Attend daily PTE academic mock test sessions at Ptemocktest and adhere to the tips to achieve an excellent score in the examination.