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Neuromarketing: Decoding the human brain

Neuromarketing: Decoding the human brain

Thursday November 30, 2017,

3 min Read


The world of marketing has changed dramatically with the arrival of the internet and the emerging fields of Neuromarketing and Behavioral marketing. Neuromarketing is a psychological study of the human brain response to any kind of advertising campaign.

Do you know Zukerman - the guy who invented pop-up Ads has apologized in an interview for creating such a kind of ad which is very irritating to all. In today’s time, there is a dire need to come up with something which can benefit the advertiser and Neuromarketing plays a key role in onboarding the right customer to your platform. It has totally transformed the conventional way of marketing among the advertisers.

The human brain is remarkably complex and endlessly interesting. We all tend to think that we are highly logical creatures, and yet we are susceptible to score of strange mental shortcuts and cognitive hiccups that influence our decision-making process. It is important to remember that marketers are just as susceptible to cognitive biases as anyone else. A successful marketing campaign will always put the customer first. People are not anymore interested in hearing a laundry list of facts and figures about your product, you must overcome your tendency to talk about yourself in favour of keeping the focus on your customer. It’s a hard thing for many people to accept, but when it comes to the psychology of marketing, what you think doesn't matter. What your customer thinks is the whole ball game.

Psychology of Marketing

Your customer has three brains - Reptilian, Mammalian and New/Human Brain. In order to make your marketing effort successful, you must appeal to all the three of them in the correct order.

Reptilian Brain → Mammalian Brain → New/Human Brain

Reptilian Brain - It is highly visual and has a very short attention span, you’re primary focus must be on addressing your customer’s fear and then offer them a solution.

Mammalian Brain - It is focused on your customer’s emotion. Emotion is contagious and people have a tendency to overestimate the emotional impact of decisions.

New/Human Brain - Once you satisfy the Reptilian and Mammalian brain then you should move on to satisfy the human brain. This is the part of the brain which can evaluate product features and prices.

Marketing is all about your customers. Regardless of what product or service you sell, you can’t put together an effective marketing campaign if you aren’t always focused on your customers. Knowing who they are and what they want will help you accomplish exactly what you want to do. If you lose sight of their importance, you won’t be able to persuade them to buy your product or service.

That’s the benefit of applying Neuromarketing principles to your marketing effort. Every sale you make is a result of a customer’s decision - and psychology is what drives those decisions.

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