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5 best pre-launch mobile app marketing tactics - part 1

We have researched and brought out some time-tested tips and strategies which will help you or any mobile app development company to pre-market their mobile application.

5 best pre-launch mobile app marketing tactics - part 1

Tuesday July 31, 2018,

4 min Read

5 Best Pre-Launch Mobile App Marketing Tactics

5 Best Pre-Launch Mobile App Marketing Tactics

Did you just complete building your mobile application? You have already faced the most crucial turf of the competition. Going by the marketing books, starting early will help you gain more time, a lot more scope and opportunities to market your product. This is very true for a fiercely competitive world of mobile app marketing. So, you should put your heads into launching a marketing campaign for your application a long time before making your app available on the app store for the crowd to download. Widely termed as pre-launch marketing, this eventually has become a very important step in the marketing of a mobile application.

With just a basic idea and a rough prototype of the application, what can you really tell about the app’s prospective users? What steps should you take to market the application even before it's up in the app store? Well, you can always create a vibe, expectations and a lot of buzz around the app you are coming up with so that when you launch it, it becomes an instant favorite of a large user base. What should you do to make that happen or let's put it simply, what is involved in the pre-launch of any mobile application marketing strategy?

Strategies for app marketing

We have researched and brought out some time-tested tips and strategies which will help you or any mobile app development company to pre-market their mobile application-

Competitive analysis & defining buyer persona

Mobile  App Marketing Strategies

Mobile  App Marketing Strategies

Every mobile application project has its foundation stone in the research and analyzation of the target audience and of all the metrics which you need to stay on the track. This is not about just presenting your idea to your friends and family and considering their decision as the last one. Try reaching to folks from the industry you are targeting and focus on the views of your target audience. It all comes down to the niche of your application and interaction with the right set of possible users will benefit you. Try finding the common similarities among the people and what all will they want in the application, their needs, the languages they prefer and many smaller details which will affect the making of the application.

Apart from this, you have to keep an eagle’s eye on your competitors and stay ahead of them even in the process of the application. You have to take into consideration their pros and cons of their apps. Eradicate the cons from your app model and add in features which are highly appreciated by the users.

Create a landing page which sells

A mobile application’s landing page plays a vital role in the marketing strategy of the app. A landing page can help you to create the much-desired buzz among the prospective users. The landing page keeps the crowd engaged with continues buzz you create and at the end lead to app installation by them. It will help you to put forth the app in a creative way, driving some high returns for the venture.

Whether your prospective app users can find answers to the given queries in first three seconds in a good indicator of the efficiency of your landing page-

About the company

Your Offerings

What separates them from others?

What should they do next?

Once these questions are answers, you already have made a lot of future users.

This list of pre-launch marketing practices is a really long one. Making a mobile application is not a cake-walk and so is marketing it. Create a hype before the app is available for downloads is like selling fruits before they ripen. We will continue with a few more mobile app marketing tactics which you should keep in mind on our next blog.

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