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Exploring Why Digital Coupons Are Better Than Printable Coupons

Thursday December 08, 2016,

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With the world going all digital and techno savvy, people are getting more conscious about the environment and leaving behind lesser carbon footprints. We say, thumbs up to that. And in a bid to save more whilst spending on daily necessities and even luxury goods, we are but couponing like crazy. Haven’t you seen the episodes of EXTREME COUPONING on YouTube? Take a look at them and be bewildered as to how homemakers across the globe use coupons to buy all that they need for minimal expenses or nothing at all. But are they using paper coupons or digital ones? Both, but more of digital ones are being used, since most have apps on their phones to shop with and use the coupons too.

Present and the future

Let’s admit it, we all want to save. This is why, the world is going gaga over couponing. Digital coupons are here to stay and are the future too. With technology advancing in rapid speeds, anyone with a fast internet connection at home or on their phones are shopping the digital way. There are also portals that offer coupons, where you could use these digital ones to buy at cheapest prices and avail major discounts too. And if you want to use digital coupons at brick and mortar stores, the same can be done with the help of barcode scanners as well. This is one of the reason we are now witnessing the decline of paper or printed coupons. But they aren’t dead as yet!

Makes sense using digital coupons

With the flick of your finger, you can redeem the value on your digital coupons; anytime you want and anywhere that too. Convenience galore with eco-friendly option, they also come with loads of promo offers that keep the wallet in your pocket fat and happy. Digital coupons can get you stuff you want for half the price, and if you are smart at couponing, you would know what to buy and pay nothing for it at all as well. For instance, if you are going physically to the store of Macy’s, then using printable coupons to get percentage off would be a wise choice; however, while sitting at the comfort of your home if you are looking for active Macy’s online coupon codes and deals, then you just need to click on coupons to activate them and get the highest value from your purchase. It’s that easy and convenient!

Committed couponers disagree

Traditional print coupon users disagree with digital coupons killing the former. They feel that paper coupons are best to use at checkouts, and they get more savings as well. Digital coupons in most cases won’t allow you to pack a load with the same code; paper coupons at stores and shops would allow you to pick many qualifying products using the same promo. This means, bountiful and more savings per coupon in print than in digital; who doesn’t want that?

More effort with print than digital

Yes, paper coupons may take more the effort to work with than what digital ones would do at checkout, but they give you more savings. Moreover, can you stack digital ones the way you would your printed friends? Whatever be the reason for you using paper or digital coupons, paper still works as much as digital would- senior citizens especially need paper and print ones around to make do with the best they can. So, it is not true that paper is dying out- both are in vogue and for some more time this shall be the story

Happy couponing!

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