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11 Experts Share Their Best Sales Advice to Win Your Prospects

11 Experts Share Their Best Sales Advice to Win Your Prospects

Thursday August 01, 2019,

4 min Read

You walk into a retail store. A salesperson approaches you, asks you questions, tries to understand your needs and then recommends a perfect product, based on your responses.

In another case, you go to a shop, and the sales rep directly slaps you with the plethora of products they have at the store.

What do you like more?

The First case, right?

We live in the “Age of digital buyers”. So don’t be typical sales guy, be a smart advisor and counsellor. Be dynamic and Make the experience personalized.

Wondering how you can be successful at sales process?

Don’t panic!

I reached out to some sales experts and asked them ONE simple question:

“What's Your Best Sales Advice for New (or Veteran) Sales People?”

And I compiled their best sales advice and tips into an article. No matter if you're a new sales guy or a veteran, you'll find their advice helpful.

Access their advice now...

1 Build relationships WITHOUT trying to sell anything – Cory Warfield

Cory sales advice
My tips are to build relationships WITHOUT trying to sell anything and to listen WAY more than they talk.

2. The best sales person is a great listener – David Petherick

david sales advice
The best sales person is a great listener, and has the customer in effect talk themselves into a sale. Listen in on some sales calls that a more experienced colleague is making, and make notes.

3. Sales is like dating. You have to impress your prospects! - Manish Balani

Manish sales advice
Always remember people don’t like to get sold, instead they want their problems to be solved. Focus on problem not on selling!

4. Practice and learn empathy - Sam Baisla

sam sales advice
Keeping your customer’s WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) in focus is the center point to all persuasive communication. If you learn and practice this you will be better at everything you do.

5. People buy from those they know, like, and trust - Carlo Guzzi

carlo sales advice
Your clients not only buy the product or service you are offering but they buy you. In other words people from those they know, like, and trust.

6. Your every prospect is a potential client - Ahmad Imam

ahmad sales advice
Make sure you treat every prospect, potential client and client….the same way. They may not be qualified.

7. Provide value and build a lifelong relationship - Saheb Youssef Bakhsh

saheb sales advice
Connect meaningfully with intent with the client and appreciate the feedback that they are giving. Relate to their real needs and requirements.

8. Selling is NOT about convincing someone to BUY - Tracy Oswald

Tracy sales advice
Selling is NOT about convincing someone to BUY. It’s about creating a relationship and delivering so much VALUE that the sale is the next logical progression in the relationship.

9. Selling is - "by the people and for the people" - Venkateswaran

Venky sales advice
Firstly Relationship is everything , You should be able sell yourself to earn trust. Secondly, be obsessed about listening to your customer. Finally, Selling is – “by the people and for the people.

10. Help your prospects before presenting them a sales pitch - Priyanka Desai

Priyanka sales advice
Managing the prospects, the stages of the buyer journey and follow-ups is a time-consuming task. Also, the overload of information leads to errors in the spreadsheets. Thus use the right set of tools.

11. Don’t give false commitments - Nikhil Sharma

nikhil sales advice
Do not give false commitments to the customer. It will only result in a lack of customer trust and satisfaction, eventually, lower referrals leading to lower sales in the long run.

Which sales advice is your favorite? Do you want to add something to this list? I’d love to hear from you.