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Starting a mobile juice bar truck business

The juice bar is one of the hottest businesses that require less investment and people can start even without big money or any experience.

Starting a mobile juice bar truck business

Wednesday July 18, 2018,

5 min Read

FSSAI Registration for Juice Bar Truck Business, <i>Image Source: PEXELS</i><br>

FSSAI Registration for Juice Bar Truck Business, Image Source: PEXELS

Today, we are talking a lot about health but are people following the necessary steps that take it to make perfect health? Most people are aware of health benefits, and many have started taking steps to make their life healthier. The most important factor that matters is the food one eats. No amount of exercises or crash diets works unless one starts having healthy meals. 

The fast-paced lifestyle of the people has led to less time for people to prepare healthy meals and hence people depend on eating food outside. But sometimes the healthy options are not available due to the inconvenience of time and space. 

With this consciousness in mind, many people have started healthy food joints. The healthy food is made by setting up a cleaner and hygiene space; customers can pay a little more price than regular roadside food. The juice bar is one of the hottest businesses that require less investment and people can start even without big money or any experience.

Are you aware of the mobile juice bar truck business scope?

We already know that the juicing industry is one of the hottest right now with many people getting health conscious and a good option for people to stay healthy. It is getting more popular since the prospects are good and gives people a right amount of nutrients and they can have it while on the go. 

Most people today depend on fast food, and hence they have high cholesterol levels. The rising health living problems have given rise to more people depending on medicines. Therefore to eradicate such issues, people are resorting to quick meal fixes. Fruit juices are one of the best means to stay fit and healthy.

The juicing industry is growing at the rate of 4 to 8 percent every year, and it’s a market for more than $5 billion. Before you start the business, you require thorough market research although not much experience is needed in this field. 

You have to study well the industry, what people like, their dislikes, what is in demand, customer relation services, products, techniques for making juices, etc. There are even marketing research firm, who can study and give you a detailed report about the market at a price. You can use this research report for further deciding on various aspects of the business.

What does current data regarding Juice bar Industry reflect?

The juice bar industry generates $2 billion annually. It is growing steadily and healthy at 2.8 percent from 2011 to 2016 according to the research done by ISIS world. The business provides a good opportunity for people to get employed. 

The very truth that industry is making huge profits and growing well is because the companies do not require heavy investments and the operations can be changed according to consumer behavior quickly. So the industry can adapt too many consumer preferences.

The juicing industry has a lot of options for people to get in; there are cold press juices, naturally extracted, refined, frozen items, seasonal juices and lot many. It is up to you what place you want to create in the memory of your customer.

Are you aware of the Demographics and Psychographics of juicing business?

Juice is the favorite item to drink for the people of all age group, so if you are doing the business, you need not worry about your clientele. You can start your business irrespective of whether the community is of young or old adults. 

The biggest advantage of starting a juicing business is that people are getting health conscious, so fewer people are buying from stores, which has a lot of preservatives. So the area where you are setting up should not matter, and if you have a moving truck, then you have all the more benefit to sell your items at different locations.

The different segments that you can start your juicing business are the fresh juices, smoothies, protein shakes, finger foods, beverages, etc.

The mobile juicing business is a huge welcome especially at crowded places, people can easily locate you, and your business is well advertised as well.

Have you checked market competition that you may have to face?

Every industry has competitors; so expect the same in juicing sector as well. Although not much people have a pleasant outlook towards eating and serving fresh, healthy foods, some people are like you. There are many market players so remember you are not the only one doing the business. The important thing to grow your business is to serve good quality juices at regular, affordable rates.

Legal Compliance Required to Start this Business

Following are the registrations and compliances required to be done in order to start a Mobile Juice Bar truck business:

1. Trade License is required for the business.

2. For running any kind of food van, the owners are required to acquire NOC from the RTO.

3. Business registration is required to be done. The business form can be decided based on the scale or mode of operation, it can be a sole proprietorship, LLP, Company Registration.

4. Documents of the van must be sorted and kept handy. If the van is bought second hand, then the business owner must make sure that the property documents are transferred in the name of the current owner.

5. FSSAI Registration is mandatory for starting any kind of food-related business.

6. NOC from the fire and environment safety department.

7. GST registration for the business if any of the mandatory conditions are invoked by the business including threshold limits of aggregate turnover.