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12 Exclusive Tips To Boost Organic Traffic and Sales Of An Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce SEO is one of the most important aspect for generating traffic and ultimately sales for the business owners.

12 Exclusive Tips To Boost Organic Traffic and Sales Of An Ecommerce Website

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

5 min Read

12 Exclusive Tips To Boost Organic Traffic and Sales Of An Ecommerce Website

Developing an Ecommerce has been the recent trend. We have seen so many Ecommerce sites coming and going in recent times. Recently there were lots of Ecommerce which came into market but dint last long. Developing an Ecommerce is another thing but to maintain it among top ranking is the challenging task. With so many Ecommerce sites in the market it is important to rank your site among top so as to be a productive site and not a loss making one.

To increase and sustain the ranking and Ecommerce site SEO is the key factor. Just as a local store requires does marketing for his store to increase its customer an Ecommerce website also needs marketing in form of digital way to increase its user. Boosting your Ecommerce traffic organically is very much important if you are not using paid promotional and marketing tools. It is important to find alternatives and new organic ways to increase your sale and ranking. Remember SEO and ecommerce always go hand in hand.  Let’s discuss some of the key SEO strategies for ecommerce sites to boost up traffic and sales.

Keyword Planning- keywords are the often words and phrases used by the customers. Before developing the content for your webpage, article, product description etc you should plan your keywords for the content to rank among the top in search engines. Key tools like Google AdWords, Moz’s Keyword Explorer etc can show you important keywords which are often used by people to search for products, services, and industry related to you.

Responsive Website- Today more than 60% of all the searches come from mobile. If your website isn’t mobile friendly then it could cost you lots of valuable customers. Visitors may hit your page and bounce back to another if they don’t find it mobile friendly. This will also affect your ranking on the top search engine sites like Google. It is important to make a responsible website which is mobile responsive and quick to load.

Social Media Promotion- Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can boost up your customer by a huge number. Creating and maintain an official profile is the key to attract the potential customers. You can even run the campaigns on these platforms to get more results. By posting regularly and engaging your user you can surly raise your leads.

Website Optimization- ecommerce search engine optimization is the most important aspect of organic traffic booster. For an Ecommerce website it is important to see that there is no duplication of their webpage. Therefore it is important to develop a proper website optimization plan to all the small error and duplication which can lose your ranking and hence potential customers. Unique Description- You are not the only one selling a product on an Ecommerce there are your competitors too who are selling same product with same feature at same price, then why would a search engine site rank you on the top. To rank among the top and to differentiate your product from other it is important to use unique and catchy lines to describe your products and services. Unique and creative product description can help you in boosting your ranking and customer.

Blog Posting- Create different types of blogs relating to your product and services can help make people aware about the new update and how to use the products sold by you. By making quality blogs you can easily attract your followers to your website to drive traffic and increase your sale. A quality blog includes good images, videos, visual effects and most importantly meaningful and useful content to attract followers.

Discount and promotional activity- Discounts and sales promotion is the great activity to attract people to your website. Popular sites like Flipkart, Amazon have been using this technique on consistent basis to attract huge number of traffic and potential customer.

Encourage user product reviews- User reviews are key for any Ecommerce site. People often read reviews before deciding on their purchase. To attract maximum number of buyer you should encourage your user to right the genuine and actual reviews which can also help you in creating unique content and hence lead to ranking on search engines.

Link Building- Quality link building is important for SEO. Remember Search engines prefer quality over quantity. Create your back links on relevant and quality pages that is useful to the user. Proper link building can help you to get genuine and potential customer to your webpage and also optimize your page on Search Engine.


Getting more traffic and to increase sales for an Ecommerce is difficult in the cut-throat competitive market but not impossible. You can also go for paid promotions also to increase your sale and traffic, but organic also has a wide scope and there are lot more organic SEO techniques for ecommerce websites which you can explore and use strategically to optimize your page and rank it among top. Remember developing a quality Ecommerce is not just the end, good content, user-friendly website and SEO for ecommerce website is must to sustain and rank among top in search engines.