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12 Ideas for self care when life gets hard

12 Ideas for self care when life gets hard

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Self care, happy life, peace, mindfulness

 Life can be busy, hectic, and leads us not caring for ourselves. This can lead to very unpleasant conditions in our lives & can make our lives miserable.

Whether you have a bad day or not it is very important to care your ourselves.

Self care is not just physical but mental as well as spiritual.

So use the below tips & nurture yourself.

Self care, peace, mindfulness

  1. If it doesn't feel right to do something- Don't do it. Guys your heart will tell you the right path- Follow it. And it will warn you if you are on the wrong path-So please listen.
  2. Go out & get some fresh air & sunlight.
  3. Pray- Prayers gives you strengths.
  4. Cut negative people from your life.
  5. Avoid social media as much as you can. Social media is the main cause these days to make our lives miserable. While it has more power to strengthen our lives, but it is making it difficult to live a happy life.
  6. Have good, nutritious balanced diet. Even a balanced diet is essential in self care of individual. It will provide your body & mind the necessary nutrition for self-care.
  7. Do not compare yourselves to others.
  8. Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.
  9. Embrace your imperfections. Your imperfections make you more perfect human beings.
  10. Look out to do something adventurous & wild. Going on adventures can really help you in self-care. It will fill you with the necessary energy to overcome the negativity in your life & lead a happy and healthy life.
  11. Read a good book. Books are Man’s another best friends after pets. They will help in avoiding negativity & also help in improvising your thought process efficiently.
  12. Practice Mindfulness. There are different practices of mindfulness. There are also many mindful apps that can help achieve similar results.

So, get up make necessary changes & reap the benefits of self-care.