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13 Logo Design trends to Look for in 2019

13 Logo Design trends to Look for in 2019

Sunday February 17, 2019,

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The trends for logo design also change from time to time. Here are some logo design trends shared by CyberVision Web Design Company to keep an eye for if you want to up your game:

  1. Simplification


Simplification is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Many big firms are simplifying their logos according to the latest trend. The logo needs to stay readable across the different mediums such as print and digital etc across different distance. Here are some examples of logos using simplification.

2. Removing Unnecessary Details

Removal of unnecessary details is similar to simplification. This concept is based on the idea of less being more. However, removal of some logo details does not mean to lose all the important logo details. It only makes it more attractive and memorable. Human brain has a capacity to fill in the gaps for reproducing the complete picture. This also helps to catch audience attention as it goes unnoticed. The goal is to avoid getting it overdone through readability.

3. Logotypes & Typography

Letters are very important in logotypes. Numerous brands have redesigned logotypes for a fresh and edgy look. Designers will continue typographic experimentation in 2019.

4. Detail Focus

Detail focus works on visual tricks to draw attention to logo’s specific parts. This helps to get an asymmetrical and an unbalanced composition for catching customer’s eye. This trend will pick up pace in 2019.

5. Working with Gradients

Gradients make even the most uninteresting logos into interesting ones. Just play around with gradients to create unique hues and visual effects. This may not be a new trend, but still has a lot to offer. The designers will continue working with gradients to add depth and volume to artworks.

6. Working with Neon Colors

The unnatural bright colors make their first appearance in gradient logos as per modern design trends. Neon colors have also evolved into a standalone trend. Neon colors just look great on plain logos with bulky large elements. This trend will see an increase in the year 2019.


7. Stacking Letters and Vertical Logos

Letter stacking has become a nice trend of 2018.  The trend will only increase in 2019 as complicated letters will be paired with graphical elements. However, logos using letter stacking are not considered as versatile as they are do not look presentable on websites. Only time can tell if this trend will continue or fade away.

8. Cutting Corners and Curves

Geometric shapes may not be an innovative design solution. However, geometric shapes account for trust and stability. The curves and corners can be applied in different ways for creating a negative space effect. Do not forget to add gradients for something more eye catching.

9. Circles

Circles are a popular geometric shape used by designers for creating logos and combination marks. Smooth and artworks give a flexible and adaptive look which is what the companies want.

10. Stripes

Stripes highlights a company’s growth and improvements. However, these must be used with a lot of care as they are linked with speed and innovations.

11. Hand Logos & Watercolor Imitation

Hand drawn artworks are on top design trends. They give designers a lot of room to add their creativity. From pencil to watercolors, you can experiment to get great results. This makes for a great business choice for companies in need of a creative appearance.

12. Heraldry


Shields and emblems are an evergreen logo design strategy. When it comes to translating loyalty to tradition and historical heritage, heraldry logo is the way to go. More educational institutions, sports organizations and state agencies will capitalize on this trend in 2019.

13. Thin Lines

Thin lines make for an artistic and airy logo design. However, stay away from the sophisticated details or you will have an indecipherable emblem.  When balanced properly, thin lines make for a clean logo.

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