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The Players of the Payments Industry!

The payments industry is one of the toughest industries. 

The Players of the Payments Industry!

Saturday November 04, 2017,

5 min Read

The payments industry is one of the toughest industries. The competition level is very high with a plenty of payment solutions providers. It doesn't take much time to overrun others. To survive and succeed in this world, you need to provide the best services to your merchants and customers. From quick payouts and great transaction rates to an excellent after sales support - the payment solutions need to be adept at every single service in this rat race to the top. When it comes to online payment gateway, the list is never ending. There are a multiple players in the market of payment gateways in India. Let's have a look at them.

1. CCAvenue - One of the oldest card payment gateways. Launched in 2001, it is very popular in the ecommerce market. With a free startup plan to a paid privilege plan, CCAvenue charges a transaction fee which can vary anywhere between 1.99% to 2.99% and a flat fee of INR 3. It also charges an annual maintenance fee. Providing its customers with multiple payment options including cards, netbanking and a few wallets, CCAvenue has been revamping its UI of the merchant dashboard and the website to improve its services.

2. Citrus Pay - Launched in 2011, Citrus has been aggressive in its market capture. In very less time it has acquired a good share of the market of payment gateways in india. With zero setup fees and INR 1200 maintenance fee, it charges a transaction rate of 1.99% plus INR 3. Despite its quick rise to fame, merchants have faced issues when it comes to support team response. The entire documentation process commence the services is also a lengthy one. Seeing all the loopholes in responsiveness and customer support, Citrus has been acquired by PayU. Its customers now can only hope for better services and leave it to their experience.

3. PayU - PayU has two versions one is specifically for large enterprises (PayuBiz). This card payment gateway provides different plans based on the needs of the enterprises ranging from INR 4900 to INR 29000 in addition to the annual maintenance fee of INR 2400. It charges a transaction fee ranging between 2.20% to 3.90%. Another version is PayUMoney. It is specifically built for SMBs (small and medium businesses). With zero setup and annual maintenance fees, the transaction rate is also as low as 2%.

4. EBS - The child of a France based global leader in payment processing services, EBS is apt for small and medium sized businesses. Though it has a mixed review form its customers, it has tried to remain competitive and not lose out on the opportunities. With plans varying from INR 4799 to INR 23999, it also charges an annual maintenance fee of INR 2400. The transaction rate varies from 1.25% to 3.75% based on the plan. It provides good service when it comes to multi currency processing and has a good UI.

5. Instamojo - Started in 2012, Instamojo gained the trust of many customers by offering services at a lower cost and quick on boarding. With zero setup and maintenance fees, its transaction rate was fixed at 2% plus Rs 3 per transaction. Started as a platform to sell digital goods, it slowly expanded into a multitude of products and services selling. It is well recommended for small business, thanks to its rates and smooth transition phases.

6. Easebuzz - Started in 2016, Easebuzz is paltform which provides integrated payment solutions to all types of businesses. Large enterprises, small and medium businesses or freelancers - there is something for everybody. With differential transaction rates, zero setup and maintenance fees; Easebuzz has gained the trust of 15,000+ merchants over the last 1.5 years. It provides varied services ranging from payment links, web stores to online payment gateway. It also gives multiple payment options including the latest UPI feature to make payments. In addition to this, it provides 24*7 support and a dedicated relationship manager to handle your account. Any problem, anytime anywhere, and Easebuzz is ready to solve it.

Some other payment solutions  that are slowly entering the market and trying to make their space include - Zaapakpay, DirecPay, payment gateways in india by HDFC and ICICI etc. In addition to this there are multiple wallets that have come into play especially after the demonetisation in the country.

Every now and then you see, many enter this industry and many are unfortunate enough to leave either by shutting down or through acquisition/merger. A small mistake and there would be others to replace you. Hence it is advised to be at your best game in this industry and provide the best service for customer satisfaction. A Happy customer after all is a sign of a growing business!

Before we end, let's have a look at the summarised table for your ease of understanding and comparison. For any queries you can also write to us at [email protected]

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