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Twitter Is Broached Up With the Dating of Black Nerds

Twitter Is Broached Up With the Dating of Black Nerds

Tuesday March 07, 2017,

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Dating applications provide many useful applications and safety measures to find your complete lovable life partner. It is evident that the dating app is available for everyone but it this is not the case when it comes to dating support groups. Every experience is different but the Blind Dating is giving space for another kind of group which is the Black Nerds.

The Dating sites use the Twitter app to create an interactive experience made up of themes, stories, and interviews. The Blind Dating is exclusively designed for Black nerds and for the first time the creators has enlarged the definition to include nerd culture with an urban point of view.

It especially features all the women, LGBTQ users and all people of color. The Black Nerds are overcoming many obstacles that include being reserved and having an interest that might not be prevailing. These relationships are much stronger when the Black Nerds find another nerd who has same ideas.

Either it is a traditional online dating site or social media outlets the cyber world has become an essential way for them to meet each other. But it is often hard to write about ourselves in a way that would claim others.

There are several ways to help the nerd people online by following the essential ways. They are,

Don’t Dominate Over Your Profile

Nerds are very much comfortable with the online dating sites. But to get a perfect love you need to keep an amazing and trendy profile picture. Pick a correct username, be creative so that people gets easily attracted by your profile. Give yourself a name that says more about you and a handful of images that gives the best impression for the following users.

Make Your Profile Short And Sweet

Sometimes we get over enthusiasm about all the prospects we might meet once we think that we have written an excellent confession on a dating site. Keep a simple profile that attracts them and gives interesting details to give some idea about you.

Also, instead of explaining you like music, movies, etc say that what kind of artist you like to attract them. If you are a fan of Lord of Rings, Guitar Hero, and Games of Thrones, say it proudly as there is no shame in telling our game. This might be an excellent way to start your conversation for the first time.

Judge A Person beyond the Profile

Before you eliminate a profile that does not match your thoughts, try to engage that person in a real conversation like instant messenger. Try to know the person apart from the profile.

Before you try to meet him just find out what the opposite person is looking from you. There is no issue about how great the conversation, is you need to make sure that you have things in common outside of the fact that you both are on the dating website.

Be aware of strangers

With respect to traditional online dating, there are some risks in online dating sites. Steer clear of trolls, who are basically characters that create an online profile that does not actually exist. Keep your protector up until the person has earned your faith.

There are also other possibilities that the person whom you are chatting with may not say their original identity. So, judge a person who makes you feel that they are perfectly suited for you. If not you just drop that person.

Try To Elaborate Your Network

Head to social accumulation where music is playing in the background. Make an approach to comment on the scene. Once you have got your opener, let him step on it as you rejoin with your friends or grab a drink. Check whether he circles back to you or not. If it’s a great party, then there might be a fun activity where you can invite him to join with you for the party.

At the Coffee Shop

You might have heard so many times that people met their significant other at Starbucks. Those people whom you always see with a laptop assembled at a table in the corner have got the right idea. Seize a cup of coffee, bring a book or laptop and settle in. Make a glance at what he is drinking from the top of your laptop screen. Always make an eye contact, smile and look away with him.

Give him an opportunity to react when you are not looking into that guy. If he doesn’t return your shyness let it goes. If he doesn’t get up and comment on what he is doing then quick observation should set things in motion.

Entertainment book shops

One of the most important things to know about blind dating is you need not go outside for your natural habitat to meet a guy. Entertainment bookstores are a great pathway to meet a guy. See someone whom you like the most and have a keen observation about what that guy is looking for in the store.

Make a clear eye contact with that guy and if you get any approach don’t hesitate. Make a question about what that guy is looking for and hold back on your own opinion at first in order to not come off as egotistic.

Video Game Stores

This is a great place to call on, especially when new inventory arrives. Try going to a midnight release party when people wait in a line to be among the first to score a copy of the latest blockbuster title. If this shop has a demo game system set up, make a challenge with him. We need to keep in mind that we should not judge a gamer by his choices, even though if he is buying a bad game. So, it is essential that you need to be open minded.


In conclusion, online dating is a fantastic application to meet new friends. If you are lucky, you may even meet the life partner for your life. There are so many couples living happily who met through online dating sites and other social Medias. But these dating sites are also a dangerous one since we do not know which type of people is chatting with us. Sometimes, people use this site as they do not have an alternative way to meet their perfect pair which related to their communities.

Many people think that they should meet the people in a traditional way as it is safe and secure. At any point in life, you need to be careful and learn to get rid of these kinds of issues. Also, you need to know how to react when you are a potential victim. The most important one is to never send money to anyone whom you have never met in online. The majority of the online dating scam happens as soon as possible.

There are also few people who are intensely patient. There are some cases where the cheaters continue to cheat through online dating sites for any months, years and even for long years before they began to ask money for you. So follow the online safety tips to get rid of scammers. Online dating is very much useful for all types of people who make use of this opportunity to find their love to a greater extent.

About the Author:

Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.

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