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What is the cost of permanent residency (PR) status of Canada from India?

The cost of immigration with the Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada depends to a major extent on the kind of program through which the candidate has applied for the Permanent Residency (PR) status and also the type of candidature of the applicant. 

What is the cost of permanent residency (PR) status of Canada from India?

Wednesday July 18, 2018,

6 min Read



If you are on a search for a country with better life style and high standard of living to relocate, then Canada is one of the best places in the world to settle. It is loaded with immense growth opportunities employment wise, modernized infrastructure and improved living conditions. Thus, thousands of people around the globe have migrated to Canada and it has seen and a high amount of immigrants’ influx in the recent times.

Rated among the 10 most lucrative economies of the world, Canada is a basket full of opportunities for the immigrants and the cheery of the cake is the Permanent Residency (PR) status benefits that it provides to its immigrants.


How to apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada?

The Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada is provided to the immigrants for a period of five years and it is a family visa, which provides social benefits and they are very similar to the full Canadian citizen rights. It provides facilities of free healthcare system, free education, the right to live, study and work in Canada and also the protection against crime under the Canadian Charter 6 of Rights and Freedom.

The Permanent Residency (PR) status is the best way to migrate to Canada and there are multiple programs through which the candidate can relocate to Canada.But, the three main portals of immigrating to Canada with the Permanent Residency (PR) status are – Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) and Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

• Express Entry Program – It is a pathway to invite skilled candidates in Canada. A federal system of selection in which the evaluation of the candidates is done on the point measurement basis. The factors that help in evaluation of the points are – Age, language, education, work experience and adaptability. There are three sub categories under the Express Entry Program – Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP), Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The qualification under at least one of these sub categories is important for selection under the Express Entry program.

• Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) - All the candidates who fail to qualify through the Express Entry program need not lose hope as they can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in which the eligibility for the particular province should be met for which the candidate has applied. The eligibility for every province is different and takes into consideration the occupation in demand in their region before selection. The candidate selected under the provincial nominee is also eligible for bonus 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score points of the Express Entry program

• Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) – It has its own criteria of evaluation for the Permanent Residency (PR) status of Quebec region and the candidate needs to get approval in two stages – first the approval needs to be sought from the Quebec region in which the CSQ is received from the Quebec region. Secondly, after that the approval is sought from the federal government by the candidate, the Quebec region places high importance on the knowledge of French language.


What are the major funds requirements for the Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada?

When planning to migrate to Canada the candidate should step in the process of immigration after careful research of the funds that will be required as an immigration expense and also the proof of funds required by the candidate to establish the financial stability to Government of Canada.

Some of the key expenditure that the candidate needs to calculated before initiation of the Permanent Residency (PR) status application are –

• The cost of filing for the Permanent Residency (PR) status application. Although the registration under the Express Entry Program is free.

• The cost of procuring of documents of medical and police verification

• The cost of Travelling and finding an accommodation in Canada as the basic expenditure upon landing.

• The factors such as how many members are relocating and which province you are relocating too? Also play a key role in expenses of immigration.

• Further, apart from these the Canada Government will also make sure that the candidate is financially well sufficient and will not come across as a burden to the country after migrating thus a proof of funds is required from the candidate as an evidence that after migrating he / she will be able to take care of himself and his family both.

What is the general List of some of the major expenditure for Canada immigration?

On a general note, the cost of immigration with the Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada depends to a major extent on the kind of program through which the candidate has applied for the Permanent Residency (PR) status and also the type of candidature of the applicant. Further, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration for this type of calculation like the travel insurance or the choice of air flight of the candidate etc. But a general list of broad areas of expenditure is provided below to help the candidate take an informed decision.

• IELTS examination fee – 12,000

• Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) through WES – 200$ (CAD)

• The Canada PR visa Fee: Primary Candidate fee – 550$ (CAD)

Secondary Candidate fee – 550$ (CAD)

Child fee (under 22 years of age) – 150$ (CAD)

• Medical fee and Police verification – Rs. 5000 – 8000.

• Right to Permanent Resident fee – 490 $(CAD)

• Immigration Consultant fee – variable


What are the steps that the Candidate can take to ensure that they have smooth and hassle free immigration to Canada?

The most carefully undertaken steps can save the candidate a lot of hassle related to the immigration proceedings. The first step towards a smooth and smart immigration to Canada is the hiring of a good and reputable immigration service. The Immigration services have experts working for them thus they are completely aware of the latest changes and rules for the Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada. The fees charged for these services is very nominal when compared against the benefits that are entailed with the Immigration consultant. Now a day, the filing of the Permanent Residency (PR) status application is done online thus the candidate need not worry about the choice of immigration consultant based on the physical proximity of the consultant’s office rather primary things of good service and track record can be given importance.

Nationwide Immigration Service is one of the most renowned immigration service in the industry. We have panel of experts working for us and they have in-depth knowledge of the immigration proceedings. With over 11 years in the industry we have processed more than 10,000 applications and have catered to the needs of the clients holistically. As an additional service we also provide our clients with free pre-assessment of their application for the Permanent Residency (PR) status. To book a session with our experts, please feel free to call us at 011 – 461 – 77777 or you can also write to us at [email protected]

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