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Hobbies that seem to fetch the most in India

Hobbies that seem to fetch the most in India

Monday September 17, 2018,

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With more opportunities arising in India, people have started to prioritize the way they spend their free time as well, having access to more possibilities now more than ever. If you are interested in discovering which are the most popular hobbies there, and perhaps try a few of them yourself, you will find the following insights useful. Diversion seems to have conquered this region and you are able to see that from the type of occupations people in India are showing an interest in. Some of the following hobbies are quite unique, less pursued in other countries around the globe. Here are some of locals’ favorite pastimes and what these activities have to offer: 

Illustration and design

If you take a look at the most recent Indian startups, you will notice that many of them revolve around digital design, and the reason for that is because illustration and design have become one of the most preferred hobbies of young adults as well as passionate teenagers in the country. Digital design requirements and needs have increased tremendously over the last years, with tech advancements and digital trends conquering certain sectors of the Indian business field, so naturally, more people have begun to show an interest in these practices. While it does require a bit of talent, you can obtain the necessary skills you desire in design and digital format illustration with a bit of hard work. Now, many courses are available for young people who wish to get familiarized with the modern alternative of creative arts, so learning is accessible as long as you do a bit of research.


Bollywood movies might seem a thing of the past, but people are still eager to learn the dance move of their favorite Bollywood celebrities and choreography lessons are now more targeted than ever by people who want to fill their free time with an exciting and entertaining hobby. The best part about taking dance lessons is that you get the chance to keep yourself in a great physical condition without much effort, considering learning choreography is in fact a lot of fun. The majority of entertainers now dancing professionally at event and celebration and making a living out of dancing have initially started from a simple hobby. If you have a bit of creativity and love music, you won’t have any troubles acquiring the necessary skills to actually take a simple passion to a professional level. 

Metal detecting

While it might not be one of the most popular options, it seems like more travel enthusiast Indians are directing their attention towards metal detecting lately. This type of passion is in particular interesting due to the thrill of treasure hunting it involves. Considering the number of shows broadcast on TV that focus on this type of activity, it’s understandable why more people across the globe have started to give it an interest. The market now offers a vast array of equipment and devices suitable for this specific hobby, making things even more exciting for pursuers. Bounty hunter metal detectors seems to be the most purchased elements when it comes to regular metal detecting, but there is a wide range of accessories that are being utilized by metal hunters everywhere. While in India it might still take a while until metal detecting reaches the same level of popularity as in the US for example, more people are directing their attention towards this treasure hunting passion, especially teenagers who are eager to capitalize their time for some extra pocket money. So if you were seeking to try something different, you should give this possibility more of your thought.

Web design

It’s surprising to see that in India, web design is more than just a professedly activity but something young people actually enjoy doing in their spare time. Now more than ever learning resources are available on the internet but at physical classes as well, so people have the chance to get into the subject by the book and obtain the required abilities to develop a web design hobby, which might transform later on in an actual career.


Once you check a freelancing site in search for a writer, you will see how many of the people offering this type of service are from India. Writing is increasing in appeal among creative teens who wish to make some extra money before completing their studies. And although not all freelance writers in Indi provide the same work quality, you wills tumble upon quite a lot of talented people who are able to gain financial advantage for their writing competences. 


Ones of the most successful photographers around the world are originally from India and that’s because photography has become quite a “hot” hobby for those living there. Because a camera is all you need to start discovering what this type of activity has to offer, it’s certainly something worth experimenting. With the numerous events and ceremonies having place in the country, professional photographers have it easy in making a career out of their passion. Moreover, with more devices and advanced equipment available, you now have the chance to combine your talent with the right resources in order for your work to actually bring spectacular results. There are many things worth photographing in this country, so you won’t have the chance to ever get bored of this occupation.

While there are no clear answers, when it comes to stating the most popular activities people in India engage in on the regular basis, it seems like the above mentioned options have become often pursued by locals of various ages. Some of them have been the starting point for entrepreneurs who have managed to turn their passion into a startup idea, and numerous businesses or careers have actually been built around these hobbies. From writing to choreography, and even more unusual options such as coffee roasting, one of these options could actually help you obtain financial gains as well, if pursued with dedication.  

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